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Refresh your hall with these great pieces!  

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  • Bianca Luciano
  • 19/03/2022

If you are in need of some beautiful artwork to freshen up your hallway, KAB Gallery has you covered! With a gorgeous array of work to suit any interior space, let’s have a look at some pieces that are guaranteed to liven up your hallways and entranceways. We have put together a collection of paintings below that you can utilise when it comes time to refresh your space; a KAB Gallery Entranceway Cheat Sheet! Have a poke through and pick out your new piece today!


Our first artist spotlight for majorly unique hallway pieces is the work of Andy Collis. The painting below, entitled “This is a Job for International Rescue” is teeming with exquisite detail. Based on the 1965 Television series “Thunderbirds,” the piece displays colourful and lively scenes, showing a pastiche of characters, dialogue, and space-crafts. An intricate storyboard of whimsical, sci-fi narrative, Andy’s work is a sure-fire guest pleasure and instant conversation starter! One can sit back and explore the plane for hours, noticing the fine brush-work and following each of the four panels consecutively for the storyline. The painting measures almost 2 meters in length, making it perfectly suitable for elongated walls, hallways and entranceways. The painting is zany, dynamic and one of our most unique pieces!


Andy Collis

This is a Job for International Rescue

Oil on Canvas (63x184cm)

AUD $4500 at KAB Gallery Sydney

Another gorgeous piece that would suit your hallway is “3-4 Foot South – North Bondi From South Bondi (27.11.19) – Plein Air” by Australian artist Sally WestDiverging ever so slightly from her usually pale palette, Sally incorporates some darker hues and natural tones for the beautiful North Bondi cliff-face. She has rendered the composition entirely in her signature palette-painting style, creating the beautiful texture that many people seek out in her oil paintings. This piece would be perfect for a home decorated with a coastal and beachy vision, such as natural toned timber elements and blue, green, neutral and beige coloured décor and furnishings.

Sally West

3-4 Foot South – North Bondi From South Bondi (27.11.19) – Plein Air

Oil on Canvas (75x150cm)

AUD $6600 at KAB Gallery Sydney

One of our most luxe pieces, Catherine Hiller’s “Heavenly,” is a breath-taking abstract piece. Rendered with oil pigment on linen, the work by Catherine elegantly hangs, imbuing its surrounding space with an immense balance of colour and life. This painting featured in her recent exhibition entitled “Délices d’Eden” (translating from French as “Eden Delights”). The collection derived from Catherine’s journeys into the natural landscape, which she saw as an escape from the collective gloom of seemingly never-ending COVID-19 lockdowns over the past two years. For Catherine these moments of escape were idyllic and blissful and this piece in particular is one of our favourites here at KAB Sydney. Catherine expertly refines her palette in this work to create some beautiful dark purple tones that compliment their lighter toned fluttered layers. The plane of this piece holds a tremendous amount of depth and movement, again creating such a luxury feel for any interior space in which it would hang.



Catherine Hiller


Oil on Linen (123x153cm)

 AUD $3850 KAB Gallery Sydney

Mix and Match 

Another amazing option for brightening up your long walls is to mix and match a variety of sizes and compositions by the same artist to create your own cohesive collection, diptych or triptych. We have put together a gorgeous sample below, outlining easy but effective ways to undergo this process, paying close attention to complementary colour palettes and dimensions.

Sally West’s beautiful seascapes have been grouped together, here, to create a beautiful collection. There is slight tonal variety but the stylistic qualities pull it all together, creating harmony and cohesion. With almost all of Sally’s work, the natural, raw edges of oil paint spill over the edge of the canvas’ ever so slightly, making for a beautiful, non-framed hanging composition. Each piece hold so much movement and energy, each standing alone but put together, they create a powerful series that pays homage to our iconic New South Wales beaches and ocean. Outlined below is each individual piece, as well as their details:

Sally West

3-4 Foot – Beach Bondi (21.2.20) – Plein Air

Oil on Canvas (90x120cm)

AUD $6600 KAB Gallery Sydney



Sally West

2-3 Foot Inconsistent – Beach Blueys Study 3 (11.7.20) – Plein Air

Oil on Canvas (45x45cm)

AUD $1350 KAB Gallery Sydney


Sally West

4-6 Foot Offshore – Beach Freshy Study 4 (30.6.20) – Plein Air

Oil on Canvas (45x45cm)

AUD$1350 KAB Gallery Sydney

To hang within a smaller, leaner wall space, the two small square canvases would look beautiful as a vertical couple as well, without the larger canvas accompanying them!

 Finally, to round this collection of entranceway pieces off, we have grouped another pairing together of some intricate Penelope Oates pieces, entitled “Tidal Moon,” (Left) and “Through the Path,” (Right). A beautiful diptych, the pairing explore two coastal scenes with an extremely complimentary palette that flows between the two pieces.


Penelope Oates

Tidal Moon

Ink and Acyrlic on Board (50x80cm)

AUD$1850 KAB Gallery Sydney

Penelope Oates

Through the Path

Mixed Media on Board (50x50cm)

AUD $1200 KAB Gallery Terrigal

Do not hesitate to visit either of our gallery spaces to pick out your perfect hallway piece.

 Our team at both KAB Gallery Terrigal and Sydney are free to assist with any inquiries and purchases. Feel most welcome to contact us on 1300 78 7773 or email [email protected]