Catherine Hiller

Catherine Hiller is a contemporary abstract artist whose work reflects her genuine love of colour! Her work is expressive, passionate and beautiful – certainly something every interior lover needs. 

“Joy, pain, passion, happiness, reflection, intensity, restlessness – I celebrate it all with a fury of colours that fuse, clash, appear and disappear, in a dance that I would relate to the volatility of our emotions, which I endlessly explore. I find the infinite possibilities of colour combination as fascinating as the palette of emotions human beings can display and I strive to convey both in my work.”

An intuitive artist whose work is a direct response to her surroundings. She explains that “colours, sounds, people and most of all music; every cue, whether visual, aural or emotional, has a colour to me”. Colour is her universal language and the canvases speak for themselves. Her composition is playful and expressive combined with her technical strengths of blending, layering and pigment balance.  

Catherine was born in France and studied art in Paris before embarking on a successful career in advertising in the UK. After 11 years in the UK, she made the move to Australia and has resided in the eclectic city of Melbourne since 2004. This is a place where she can immerse in herself in the creative city and has focused on her professional art practice.

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  • Catherine Hiller

    Sous les oliviers – II

    AUD $2,550
  • Catherine Hiller

    belle etoile – III

    AUD $1,950
    or 4 payments of $487.50 with
  • Catherine Hiller

    Arc en ciel – II

    AUD $1,850
    or 4 payments of $462.50 with
  • Catherine Hiller

    Un Soir Dete

    AUD $2,450