Penelope Oates

Penelope’s elegant paintings are characterized by a layered and textural approach. Her work is an organic and beautiful series of natural forms and silhouettes that merge the delineation between land, sea and sky. In this sense her works reflects moods, feelings and memories about landscapes rather than a representation of a particular places. The absence of any figurative forms in her landscapes is deliberate, preferring to reference natural forms that would have existed before our human impact and presence. This approach to the landscape could also be described as Romantic and as such her works take on an almost dreamlike or surreal presence.

Inspiration is drawn from Penelope’s experiences and memory. She references changing colours and textures of landscapes and has a strong connection to the works of 19th Century metaphysical poet Keats whose poetry expresses the notion of being able to transcend our negative experiences of the world by contemplating on a thing of beauty. “This is what motivates me as an artist to hopefully produce works that connect with the audience.” she says.

Her technical approach to practice is layered and unique. Her current body of work is created with layers of mixed media combining coloured inks on canvas or her sculptured timber forms. Penelope explains that her layering techniques allows her to discover, manipulate and finally control her painting surface to arrive at the desired evocation of aspects of the landscape.

2019 FINALIST & WINNER of the People’s Choice in the Gosford Art Prize

Penelope Oates, B.A. of Fine Arts COFA ( 1990) B.A. of Dramatic Art in Design NIDA (1994) Dip Ed. UWS (2001) 

***Announced as a 2020 Gosford Art Prize FINALIST ***


  • Penelope Oates

    Coastal Dreaming

    AUD $2,950
  • Penelope Oates

    Along the Hawkesbury River

    AUD $2,800
  • Penelope Oates

    Tidal Moon

    AUD $1,850
    or 4 payments of $462.50 with
  • Penelope Oates


    AUD $1,450
    or 4 payments of $362.50 with
  • Penelope Oates

    The Watcher 2

    AUD $1,600
    or 4 payments of $400 with
  • Penelope Oates

    Beach and Rocks

    AUD $770
    or 4 payments of $192.50 with
  • Penelope Oates

    Calmer Waters

    AUD $1,000
    or 4 payments of $250 with
  • Penelope Oates

    Hinterlands- II

    AUD $495
    or 4 payments of $123.75 with
  • Penelope Oates

    Moonrise Over Frost

    AUD $1,690
    or 4 payments of $422.50 with