Over a decade of Art: Est. 2013

Easy Price Tiers

Art collectors love that everything at KAB Gallery is offered at the best quality standard of the art market. Feedback from art collectors shows how happy they are to receive our artworks knowing that regardless of the price tier, creative quality is guaranteed.  

Affordable won’t compromise either – if you are shopping with a pricing budget in mind, there are great pieces in the under $3000 and under $1500 . You can confidently invest in original artworks from these price tiers, secure in the knowledge that each piece has been carefully selected for our curated offering. Our selection criteria prioritises quality, beauty, and originality, ensuring that every artwork embodies these essential attributes.

Whether you are exploring the Australian art market with a focus on financial investment returns and require guidance on our prestigious blue-chip art investment pieces, or you are in search of an original artwork for your personal enjoyment, we are here to assist you.

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If you are shopping online, our team are here at the gallery everyday to assist with any questions.