Gift Registries

Whatever the occasion, a KAB Gallery gift registry will help your guests pick the perfect one-of-a-kind gift.
Gift registries are online, in-store and internationally available. 

Getting married, celebrating your birthday, retiring, or throwing a house warming party? Did you know that KAB Gallery offers a Gift Registry service that’s perfect for these occasions and more, enabling you to receive a very special gift of your choice for you will cherish for many years to come.

Whether you wanted a single piece or a full house of art, KAB Gallery makes it simple to create a gift registry for you to supply to your family, friends, colleagues or guests. The KAB Gallery team will work with you to structure the gift registry so that it suits your requirements perfectly.

To set-up your own registry today, simply contact us on 1300 78 7773 (+61243125114 if you are overseas) or email [email protected]



As soon as your registry starts you can browse our collection and select your favourite pieces!

KAB Gallery will provide you with a personalised link to your own private Gift Registry page within for you to include in your invitations or distribute to your guests.

Your page will include the details and a picture of each work you have selected to include on your registry. Your guests easily follow the step-by-step instructions and process a card payment (will work on any hand-help device too) or visit the gallery to make in-store or call for over the phone contribution. 

After your event KAB Gallery will wrap your new gifts and arrange shipping or pickup – either directly to you when convenient, or to a trusted contact during your honeymoon.

To discuss your Gift Registry and get started, please contact the KAB Gallery team today on 1300 78 7773 or [email protected].




Gift Registry Terms and Conditions
  • Contributions to your Gift Registry may only be redeemed at KAB Gallery.
  • Unless otherwise agreed, contributions to your Gift Registry can be made from the time the registry is established until one week after your event. Gift Registries can be established up to six months before your event is due to take place. (This can be modified on request)
  • Contributions to your Gift Registry must be redeemed within six months following your event. In the case of any contributions which remain in your Gift Registry after you have purchased your selected items, the amount will not be refunded however a credit note will be issued which can be used towards any additional KAB Gallery purchase within six months of your event.
  • You may allow your guests to contribute towards a specific item, or to contribute to a total pool of funds for you to spend at KAB Gallery however you wish.
  • Paintings and most other artworks available at KAB Gallery are one-off original works. Each artwork included in your Gift Registry cannot be held for you during the term of your Gift Registry and hence could be sold to another customer, unless:
    • When establishing the Gift Registry you commit to purchasing the artwork regardless of how much your guests end up contributing (ie, you will cover any excess between the final amount of contributions and the price of the artwork, even if your guests do not contribute towards that artwork); or
    • Contributions for the artwork reach 20% of the price of the artwork (either by your guests contributing directly to the artwork, or by a portion of the total pool of funds being allocated to the artwork as per a formula agreed between yourself and KAB Gallery.)