‘Breeze’ – Atmospheric and Quietly Beautiful

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  • 20/11/2021

Exhibition: Breeze by Sally West

Where: KAB Gallery Sydney, 977 Pacific Hwy Pymble NSW 2073

When: Opens Saturday 20th November through to Sunday 12th December (Unless sold out Prior).

Contact: 1300 78 7773 or email [email protected]


Will also be online for our interstate and international collectors at KABGallery.com



A special collector series of work by Australian favourite Sally West. KAB Gallery are pleased to exhibit and make available for purchase a set of paintings each published in international magazines. The paintings were created here in Australia and beautifully published in US Magnolia Journal and the French Dim Dam Dom magazine . Gallery director Kerry-Anne Blanket has curated the must-see exhibition and it consists of just 7 unique oil paintings. (all original on Canvas and sized either 30x40cm $990 or 40x50cm $1350.)


The subject is whimsical but reminiscent of Australian everyday life, and the collection is subtle but strikingly beautiful. All of the paintings from the series are rendered using thick oil paint and applied to the canvas liberally but with great care and attention, a quintessential trademark of many paintings from Sally West’s portfolio. Two paintings within the series capture the Australian Magpie in figurative form, one gently perched amid the foliage, the other taking flight and showcasing the silver-blue sheen of its plumage. The following two paintings feature the lush rural landscape dappled with magpies in flight. They are active and lively, flocking together within the atmospheric skies. The four pieces would hang beautifully together as their own series with beautifully balanced compositions and a flowing palette of colour.


To the right of these works are three more from the ‘Breeze’ series. Rendered with a bolder palette, each piece encapsulates the windy coastal day, with bending palms and floating clothing positioned within the frame of the canvas. Sally West has masterfully captured movement, each painting comes alive. Each work is playful but elegant, with pops of colour that would certainly liven up any interior within which is was hung. The exhibition has a way of conjuring nostalgic memories, highlighting the quiet but beautiful moments of life we all encounter.

‘Breeze’ is an aptly titled exhibition with a sophisticated palette, striking compositions and textural, painterly qualities that one just has to see in person. Hung on the main room of KAB Gallery Pymble, you won’t want to miss this beautiful series of original works. To view the exhibition online, click the link below: