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An Artist’s Love; Kelly-Anne Love

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  • Marielle
  • 16/09/2018


Kelly-Anne Love is well-known for her detailed depictions of Australia’s most endangered animals such as the stunning Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo. Kelly-Anne’s passion & love of nature lingers within her brilliant watercolor & ink artworks. One of Love’s most recent works, “MOTHER’S LOVE Tiger Lilies and Fairy Wrens” is something a little different.  This gorgeous still life was inspired by a bouquet of Tiger Lilies she was gifted, “…I don’t often do flowers, but I was given the most beautiful tiger lilies and I had to paint them.”  



Kelly-Anne Love’s “MOTHER’S LOVE Tiger Lilies and Fairy Wrens” is mounted in a simple white frame, highlighting the vibrancy and freshness of the gorgeous floral arrangement.


This exquisite watercolor and ink artwork centers around a vase of magnificently vibrant Tiger Lilies. Love has painted the stunning flowers in her signature style, with skillful drips and splatters scattered across the high quality watercolor paper. The strong black outline of the subject frames an energetic mottle of rich red and pink hues within the petals.  Whilst the blue-green tint of the leaves juxtapose the warmth of the Lilies to create a composition that rests easy on the eye. 

Behind every stroke, color and line the feelings of love and happiness grow, creating an artwork that explodes with an overwhelming sense of joy, much like a mothers love. Kelly-Anne Love’s ability to capture warmth and emotion within the piece allows the painting to come to life. This piece will fill any interior space with it’s dynamic color, movement and vitality. 


If you look closely enough you can see two cheeky blue Fairy Wrens hiding among the flowers!


Hidden among the colorful petals and leaves of the bouquet are two small Fairy wrens! Fairy wrens are an inquisitive, small and sprightly native Australian songbird. In her trademark style, Kelly-Anne Love has brought these two small creatures to life, injecting them with a cheeky & lovable personality. These sweet little birds elude to the special connection a child and a mother share, being the only bird in the world that learns and shares a unique call with its mother at birth. 

Much like a mothers love, this gorgeous painting encapsulates the undying love and passion Kelly-Anne Love has for her artistry. “MOTHER’S LOVE Tiger Lilies and Fairy Wrens” shows Love’s innate talent in finding the perfect balance between refined and organic to create a artwork that radiates joy and life. 

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