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Pet Portraits – Animals in Paint

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  • Kerry-Anne Blanket
  • 10/04/2023
Pet portraits are trending throughout the art scene, becoming the must-have artwork for all animal loving art collectors. KAB Gallery can immortalise your beloved pet into an original artwork with the help of our stable of talented Australian artists, creating the perfect keepsake to treasure forever. Whether you would prefer bold iconic pop art styles, textured impasto or classical realism, we can help create the perfect personalised pet portrait.
Pets have been celebrated in art throughout history. Even as far back as Egyptian tombs there are famous depictions of domestic pet companion animals. Dogs and cats were turned into icons and sculptures, and used as symbols on interior walls. Fast-forward to now and our beloved pet companions have never been more welcomed into family life. Whether your pet is a friendly K-9 pal, cheeky budgerigar or fluffy kitten, a stylish painting of them could be exactly what your interior needs. 
Select your favourite art style, colours and size requirements – KAB Gallery will take care of the rest! 
I always enjoy seeing the pet portraits come to life. Here are a few of my favourite projects I have worked on recently. 
A collection of Pet Portraits in the Studio
Created by Sally West
Based on photographs supplied by the client

Supply the gallerist you are working with a photo as reference for the brief

Inspired by a photograph supplied by the collector, this piece is now a treasured keepsake hanging in their home.

Beautiful “Sal” the cat. Custom background colour and pose based on a photograph supplied by the pet owner. Painted in impasto style oil paint by Sally West
This is a pet portrait of “Lola” the cat, by Sally West:

Make your pet portrait unique to you and your interior style

KAB Gallery can work with you to personalise the painting to suit your unique taste and style. From background colours to custom sizes or medium, we can fulfil any request that suits your pet’s personality or the portrait’s home.

This painting by Jacki Fewtrell-Gobert is the ultimate example of this type of personalisation. The client loved the artist’s internationally famed interior paintings but was most interested in a pet portrait. By introducing the pet as a feature of the interior scene, an original one-of-a-kind composition was created. Along with Stevie the cat, the painting was further personalised with specific art inclusions, trinkets and ornaments, art sculptures and books. The result was eclectic, interesting and stylish.

This piece was custom size and framed for a built-in niche at the home entrance. It was created with a particular composition in mind along with various colour specifics. 


The client’s niche position
Photo of Stevie the Cat
Final piece framed and about to be collected from KAB Gallery Terrigal

“I picked up our artwork on Wednesday and it’s stunning.  It was hung it as soon as I got home and it looks perfect in the niche. Thank you for making the whole commission process easy, I am thrilled with the results.”

Interior for Bronwyn by Jacki Fewtrell-Gobert

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KAB Gallery is an Australian Business 2 Art Galleries in NSW
KAB Gallery is Australian owned and operated from two beautiful galleries located in NSW. You can buy an original artwork or commission a personalised painting with us, knowing that you are supporting and investing in the Australian art industry. You you will receive prompt, reliable service from our expert art team and even if you are located interstate, you know that we’re only a phone call or video call away. Supporting us and our artists means that you are supporting the local art industry, economy and jobs. 
Our artists are all Australian prize winners and professional creatives. They are committed to their art practice and only the best result will do. We know that you will love your original painting so connect with us now: [email protected] 
Kerry-Anne Blanket, Director & Curator - KAB Gallery
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Kerry-Anne Blanket

Director & Curator - KAB Gallery

KAB Gallery’s Kerry-Anne Blanket holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts and two Masters degrees (Hons) from the University of Sydney. With an extensive career in art education along with the management of museums and investment art galleries, Kerry-Anne can offer premier art consulting to her clients and source specially requested works. 

She has a keen eye for detail, comprehensive art market knowledge and a love of all things beautiful. Kerry-Anne works directly with artists and collectors alike to curate interesting and eclectic exhibitions.