Kelly-Anne Love

As a child she has lived an enriching nomadic life, blessed to be able to have experienced India, Nepal, Los Angeles, England and many of the countries of Europe. All the while, amid this world’s many animals, cultures and environments, with her creativity which was being lovingly nurtured.

Kelly-Anne’s journey to become a professional artist has been created through her unyielding passion.  “I have had to combine belief, dedication and discipline to fight for my dream and life’s purpose I felt was meant for me.”

She is known for her radical use of watercolour distinguished through bold black outlines a skilful use of drawing and application of watercolours, loose drips and splatters.

Kelly-Anne Love’s most recent body of work has been inspired by her passion and dedication to highlight the critically Endangered Australian species. The famous series launch was hosted by The Australian Reptile Park. Kelly-Anne Love is the first artist ever to exhibit there and her solo night was a great success. She also donated an 8 piece “Endangered” series to the conservation group DEVIL ARK for their GALA night. Her artworks were a sell-out raising over 5k for the cause alone.

Kelly-Anne’s consistent success and passion for art has seen her receive Awards, sold into art collection, and her artworks used for Album covers, craft beer labels, media features in Art magazines, news, television and she has even recreated the iconic Redhead matchbox labels! 

Her exciting new set of paintings are heading to KAB Gallery. Watch this space for new releases or subscribe to be updated

 “My uncompromisingly unconventional portrayal of animals and oceanic creatures is the purest representation of my absolute love and my unquenchable desire to show the world, the world through my eyes. How beautiful and special the worlds flora and fauna is and how lucky we are to everyday experience them is truly magical. As I grow and develop as an artist I believe I am consistently reinvent my own way of talking to the world about its beauty and the collision of that with my own inner thoughts and beliefs in hope to inspire and make a difference.”