Over a decade of Art: Est. 2013

KAB Gallery Special Exhibition: Rockpool - (KAB Gallery Terrigal Oct 2023)

Look into the world where the gentle embrace of nostalgia mingles with the breathtaking beauty of the coast’s hidden treasures. View this special curated selection of artworks brought together to highlight the beauty and hidden worlds within our favourite coastal rockpools.

This unique collection of original artworks at KAB Gallery invite you to relive those cherished moments of childhood, where hours were spent exploring these miniature wonders while splashing carelessly in the sunshine. In the heat of summer, they become captivating portholes to the ocean, offering glimpses of intricate marine life, a serene world within our world. With each creative artists stroke, the essence of these rockpools has been captured. You cant help but rekindle your own memories and embark on a journey where the serene allure of the sea meets the magic of art when looking at them. 

  • Sally West

    Bronte Study 1 (11.1.23)

    AUD $790
    or 4 payments of $197.50 with
  • Cathryn McEwen

    Tide’s Out

    AUD $1,790
    or 4 payments of $447.50 with
  • John Earle

    Rock Platform

    AUD $7,500
  • Cathryn McEwen


    AUD $4,600
  • Bev McGarn


  • Laurie McKern

    Pink Flamingo Pool

    AUD $1,275
    or 4 payments of $318.75 with
  • Laurie McKern

    The Everglades

    AUD $1,275
    or 4 payments of $318.75 with
  • James Willebrant

    Chasing the Stars

    AUD $4,850
  • Rachel Reading

    Beach Treasure

    AUD $600
    or 4 payments of $150 with