Celebrating 10 years: Est. 2013

Izabela Sajdok

Izabela Sajdok creates vivid oil paintings. She has a particular passion for the ocean which the driving force behind her most popular series of marine life paintings.

Izabela’s creative journey begins at the ocean’s edge, as she immerses herself in its embrace for a daily swim. With a heart full of wonder, she explores the marine life firsthand, drawing inspiration from every ripple and dance of underwater creatures. But her connection with the ocean goes deeper – regular scuba dives grant her personal encounters with the marine world that she beautifully translates onto her canvas.

The love and respect Izabela holds for the ocean and its inhabitants serve as the foundation of her art. Her pieces not only capture the intricate details of marine life but also convey the essence of its wild and untamed beauty.

Having garnered accolades from several successful solo exhibitions, we’re thrilled to introduce a new series of Izabela’s captivating artworks at  KAB Gallery Terrigal. This latest collection is a celebration of her experiences into the ocean depths, brought to life through her beautiful and evocative artworks.

In Izabela’s own words, “Scuba diving gives me the passion for painting because of what I see. The beauty of this world just inspired me so much. Since I found diving and art, I think it’s started making sense.”

We invite you to visit the gallery and view the series in person to witness the magic that unfolds when art and nature unite. And if you’re dreaming of a custom creation that resonates uniquely with you, reach out to our KAB Gallery team. [email protected]

Unveil the depths of marine art with Izabela Sajdok – a journey that captures the soul of the ocean on canvas. Experience the allure firsthand at KAB Gallery Terrigal.


  • Izabela Sajdok

    No Limits… Full Expression

    AUD $2,290