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When it comes to art, size matters

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  • 28/06/2022


When it comes to original paintings, size matters.  “You want the artwork to pull the space together. Too small and the room can look incomplete, too big and the room can feel overcrowded,” explains KAB Gallery Director, Kerry-Anne Blanket.

Miniature Watercolour Exhibition at KAB Gallery
11th – 18th November 2015

When it comes to size, scale is important. “If you’re hanging a piece of art above large furniture such as a sofa or bed, a great rule to follow is that the work should be about two thirds the width of the piece of furniture. If your artwork doesn’t fit this scale, you can cheat by having it framed with a more generously sized frame to increase the pieces overall size and give it a greater presence on the wall.”

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If budget is preventing you from purchasing a bigger work for your larger space, Kerry-Anne suggests opting for a selection of smaller pieces positioned alongside one another or eclectically as a staggered gallery hang. This way, several smaller and less expensive works may be admired both up close, and from afar, all the while making a collective impact in the larger room.

An In-Situ Photograph
Still Life Paintings


On the flip side, Kerry-Anne cautions against buying big art for small spaces. “A painting needs some breathing space so you can truly appreciate it from every angle,” she says.  “A general rule is that a painting should take up 60 to 75 percent of available wall space which isn’t covered by furniture or mouldings.”



Similar to the way an artist will consider the “breathing space” around their subject within the composition of a painting, you should consider the space surrounding the work itself on your wall.


The perfect size, a commissioned painting in-situ – Courtesy of the client