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5 Art Trends to Take us into 2021

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  • Suzana
  • 06/01/2021

Every year comes an opportunity to reset, and there has not been a year where we have all longed for a fresh start more than 2021. We look at the hottest art trends that are expected to decorate our walls in the New Year.

Nature Escapes

When slowing down our daily lifestyles many tend to re-evaluate how time is used (or wasted). 2020 has shifted our focus to home but the instinctive love of nature has emphasised the need for artworks that bring the outdoors in and remind us of travels, bringing a breath of fresh air to the space. Ocean tones, lush plants, animal portraits and earthy textures – all create a welcoming and relaxing interior you want to spend time in.

Eccentric Art

Bold colours, pop art and retro futurism – this style of art is full of life and colour. Daring statements are made across the canvas, challenging the viewer to see life through a different lens.


It makes sense this year has led us to a yearning for simpler times. Grandmillenial design or Cottagecore invokes a quaint day at nana’s house, an aesthetic romanticising life in harmony with nature. Inspired by florals, soft hues, lace and patterns – this is a pleasing shift from the minimal, white on white trends that tend to revisit us every year.


Collectors are valuing the time, thought and laborious work put into the art they buy. They appreciate the use of quality materials, professional framing, education, and skill that goes behind their pieces. Whether a vintage find or a contemporary painting, quality craftsmanship is a trend to continue in 2021.

Luxury Modern

Touches of luxe, gold, black and grey. This trend sees us reaching for the finer things in life. Whether it’s a moody palette or modern cityscape – our space is lifted to the next level by the opulent touches these artworks bring.

In the end, trend or not, it comes down to which artwork calls to your heart. What is the piece that makes you stop and glance back more than once? The one you keep coming back to (online or in gallery). This is the piece to invest in that will bring joy all year. Here at the gallery we love keeping an eye on these trends. Following the artist process and collector preferences. Contact the knowledgeable team for advice, artist information or as a ‘sounding board’ during the decision-making process – we love helping find the piece that makes your heart sing!

Suzana, Gallerist
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Suzana draws from her experience as an artist and photographer. Her understanding of natural and created light, combined with appreciation of all art mediums assists the client in selection of the perfect piece for a particular position or any space.

“I seek to assist KAB Gallery clients create collections of art that enhance their space. It is important to match the client’s taste with a collection of works that will enhance their environment.”

Suzana is available at KAB Gallery most weekends and looks forward to helping you find your next great piece of art.