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It’s important to invest in original art

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  • 04/07/2022


Does the saying ‘The more expensive it is the better quality it is’ hold true for works of art?

Yes and no. Typically you will get what you pay for, an original artwork created with premium conservation grade materials by professional artist will both scream quality and come with the relevant price tag. Prints and lower grade amateur artworks will be cheaper. However, there are always the one off pieces that a good gallerist will spot from the studio and make available. These pieces may be smaller or could have simply not worked within the curatorial perimeters of a past exhibition. It doesn’t discredit them in any way so you can on occasion nab a great piece at a lower price point.

It is also important to realise that the art market is a market like any other. A wide range of factors such as the artist’s fame and prior reputation, the supply and demand of pieces available to the market, and the current economic conditions all have a part to play in both the value of an artwork and how it is priced.

“There are many who believe that original art comes with a price tag so hefty it’s only for the rich and famous –  but I’m here to tell you that’s not true, original art is available at a wide range of price points from as little as a few hundred dollars,” says KAB Gallery Director, Kerry-Anne Blanket.


View original art priced under $500

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Ben Tankard
The Unpopular Gatsby
Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas 61x46cm

“Opting for original art over prints, not only gives you ownership over a completely original piece that nobody else will have, but if you’re savvy, could be an appreciating asset that’s also beautiful to admire.”

“If you’re unsure where to start, work with an expert gallerist to select that special piece for your home. This will also help you invest well in terms of a work that’s likely to appreciate over time.” According to Kerry-Anne, while prints have their place, quality original art tells a story that’s inspiring and unique. It adds a sense of luxe and depth to a space that other furnishings can’t. “Original art can start from very little, so buy what you can afford and let art enrich your life!”