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Be swayed, framing palm trees & pink sunsets by Sally West

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  • Kerry-Anne Blanket
  • 25/05/2020

To frame or not to frame? This is the question on the lips of every Sally West art collector. For those who are keen on the finished aesthetics of a frame, we know you are going to love this set of palm tree and beach paintings on board by Sally West.

Framed in contemporary white

Framed in a contemporary white box frame, the finish is both luxurious and fresh. This series of Sally West artworks are created on panel boards which makes them somewhat challenging to transport and display while caring for the textured surface. A huge appeal of Sally West’s art is the impasto surface of the paintings which often protrude over the edges. Take peace of mind with this style of art framing because it does not only add to the aesthetic appeal of the artwork, but it also provides the protection that it needs against damages.

Impasto style often protrudes over the edge of the panel board

The frames are universally available at all good framers making it even easier for you to re-frame other paintings in your collection you may like to match up.

Compared to Sally West’s oil paintings on canvas, these artworks are heavier and due to the solid panel surface and visually one can see how the paint has glided across the surface with sweeping motion.

For Sally West, canvas has always been her surface of choice to paint on so this is a nice point of difference for the series.

From a technical point of view, artists often prefer panels because they take up less room than stretched canvases, their solidity offers durability and for plein air painters there is the added benefit that light cannot shine through the painting surface while working. Canvases have their own benefits too so it really does in the end come down to artist’s preference and choice for the creation they are planning. Many art collectors love that they can leave Sally West’s stretched canvas paintings unframed and adore the lush daubs of paint that fall over the surface edges.


This painting could be hung immediately on the stretched canvas or also framed in a box frame.


90x150cm stretched canvas oil painting by Sally West. Framed in Tasmanian Oak.


A cluster of framed Sally West oil paintings on panel board.



I invested in this special 75x150cm beach painting for my son’s nursery. He can grow with this painting and enjoy it forever. I chose to leave it unframed.


Oil on Oil Paper Studies Framed in White Under Glass


Floated Oil on Oil Paper under glass


Stretched oil on Canvas encased in perspex


Oil on Canvas in white trim frame


Unframed oil on canvas. Stretched with oil paint organically protruding the edges


Left: Oil on Oil Paper in Mount Ready to slip into frame with glass
Right: Oil on Canvas ready to hang. Paint organically protrudes over the edge


Extreme edges are a sought after feature of art by Sally West


Framed in a contemporary white trim frame
Kerry-Anne Blanket, Director & Curator - KAB Gallery
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