Elevate Your Zoom Call With These Art Additions

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  • Bianca Luciano
  • 15/03/2021


Whether it is turning up to court under the filter of a cat or changing your Zoom background to Danny DeVito, we have undoubtedly seen some interesting and at times hilarious technological mishaps, as much of our lives moves into the virtual sphere.  Suddenly, we are confined to a small window on a screen, through which we represent ourselves for many extremely important occasions. Work meetings, school and university classes and even weddings were shared online in abundance in the year of 2020, particularly during the months of lockdown. We have all been forced to get creative within our own spaces, as our surroundings began to transform into home offices and the main space in which we were interacting with others. Subsequently, it is the space behind our screens that have become more important than ever, as it is the first and last thing our colleagues, friends and family see while conversing on these virtual platform.





Providing hours of entertainment, we have seen many viral examples of people forgetting to take down their embarrassing framed pictures, and quirky knick-knacks from behind them. However, as our working landscape has hybridized into a partly virtual and partly physical environment, there is no better time to invest in the perfect Zoom background. What sits behind us holds so much weight in today’s circumstances. That is why, at KAB Gallery, we have curated the perfect collection of pieces to suit a plethora of different needs and purposes. I, for one, am lucky enough here at KAB Gallery Sydney to be able to sit in front of a beautiful, original oil painting by Sally West (1-3 Ft SSE- Beach Bondi South (25.6.20)- Plein Air, 90x150cm), and it undoubtedly attracts countless admirers when interacting with clients and consumers over video chat. I can attest to how it perfectly sets the scene and creates a welcoming and warm aesthetic that transforms the atmosphere of any virtual conversation. It is available now and ready to hang in your space for the same effect!




As well as this, we have a fantastic piece by Silvia Golf, ‘Protection’ (120×160 Oil and Acrylic on Canvas) featuring a looming Great White amid an ominous haze. I cannot think of a more eye-catching work of art to place in your home office. A perfect piece to subtly let your colleagues know which of you is the boss! The clouded, grey hues are extremely atmospheric, and the Great White is rendered in great detail. This painting is the perfect size to envelop your zoom background.

Or perhaps if you’re teaching a class of rowdy school children, Ben Tankards “Monopoly Series” would make for a wonderfully playful backdrop. His work ‘Pop Crimes’ would add a touch of vibrancy and certainly add some whimsy to any group Zoom call. The painting is 76x122cm, making it the perfect size to easily pop behind your shoulder!

Even a small pairing is a great option. A perfect example would be to hang two of our currently exhibiting Nadege Lamy works up in your space. Within both works, Nadege has utilised an old French stencil technique called Pochoir, by which she created intricate stencils by hand that guide the painting process. They are wonderfully eclectic and the perfect size to a slot perfectly into your existing art collection.

To recap, what we place as our background sets the whole mood for our online presence, so don’t forget to head straight to KABGallery.com to secure the perfect piece(s) for your home office.