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Art to Love – How to invest in art that you love

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  • Kerry-Anne Blanket
  • 31/10/2019

The best thing about your home is that it’s yours to enjoy and decorate in a way that reflects your personality and taste. Over time many aspects of your interior décor may date or depreciate, however original art is one area in which you can achieve both short-term and long-term returns on your investment. Your return starts immediately as you can enjoy any artwork you love it straight away. Art can lift your spirits, bring beauty and luxury to your home, transform a space, and there is an added bonus of long-term return if you have purchased well.



Purchase quality art that you can enjoy


Original art is a popular investment choice because it is beautiful and tangible. Similar to real estate it will remain available for you to use and enjoy while markets are low, but is an artefact that can appreciate when markets rise again. If you are ever buying an artwork in the hope that you will receive an investment return it’s really important to remember that there aren’t any guarantees and sometimes your enjoyment and the decorative result is the ultimate return. However it can help to consider the various aspects of the art market. Art trends are constantly changing and everyone’s taste is unique. Art is emotive and enjoyed for its aesthetic qualities, but it is certainly still possible to receive investment returns. Read through my tips on how to select a collectable artwork that’s on-trend for your beloved interior and ticks the boxes to help make it an investment that you truly love and can enjoy.


Art Trends – Interior styles and tastes are constantly changing so you need to look for an artwork that will stand the test of time. Recently I purchased an original artwork for my young son’s nursery. I sought out to find the perfect piece that I could admire with him during his early years but also be something he can enjoy for many years to come throughout his childhood, teens and adulthood. The colours were somewhat neutral but the artist’s unique skill shines through. I did my due diligence and purchased a piece we love and will enjoy in our home forever while taking comfort knowing the career strengths and international reputation of the artist’s style, subject and career moving forward.


Kevin’s Nursery – Artwork by Australian Artist Sally West from her popular Beach Series


Aesthetics and appeal – Step back and take an objective look at the artwork you are buying. I believe that you should love your art and it should reflect your personality but take a moment to consider who would you expect to be investing in your artwork if you hope to sell again in the future. For example, if you are investing in a quirky piece of art you need to ask yourself how will this artwork be received in another 1, 5 or even 50 years’ time? Who would be interested to buy it then? If sold at auction, would there be lots of bidders willing to fight it out? Is the work versatile enough to suit various hanging spaces and positions?


Andy Collis Painting at KAB Gallery – Purchase Original Art


The Artist – If you need more of a concrete source of information I recommend looking at the artist’s career and reputation. You need to know whether this artist or style of work has a proven sales history behind it. Consider how their popularity has grown and whether this is reflected in their prices and demand. This will give you an insight into the selling pattern of comparable works and potentially indicate a pattern for possible future return. While many art lovers have struck it lucky by investing in an emerging artist who goes onto become famous, others have not.


Make sure your artwork is an original piece of art – Try to steer clear of digital prints (including quality giclee prints) which are identical to the original artwork because after all it is only a copy. The reality is that the rarity and originality of artworks provide value. Instead of buying a print you could admire the value of the labour and love an artist has poured into a limited edition etching or crafted screen print. Better yet aim to purchase an original oil or acrylic painting, providing you with the opportunity to both appreciate the immense creative skill the artist has learnt throughout their career and appreciate the painting for years to come. Nothing beats a quality original! 



Condition of the artwork – Great art screams quality, which means quality professional artists are committed to quality products. Luxurious paints, custom made canvases of quality linen, and (if applicable) a well-constructed premium frame all contribute to a beautiful artwork. If you are investing in an original antique artwork be sure it is in mint condition, as restorations can be expensive and can sometimes negatively impact upon the value of the work.


Kerry-Anne Blanket with “Qantas House” by Roland Wakelin. Sold under the hammer at Sotheby’s with a record result after being enjoyed in a private family collection for many years.
Vintage proofs from Norman Lindsay’s glass negatives.


With so many options available on the art market it can be daunting. It is important to understand that like all investments there is risk, and like all markets the art market rises and falls over time. However if you do your research you can purchase confidently, allowing you to enjoy your art while it’s hanging on your wall and when the time comes to sell hopefully realise a return.

In situ – Rare and collectable objects by Pro Hart (Iron, Crib Tin and Oiler)



At KAB Gallery Terrigal we take a contemporary and practical approach to selling collectable artworks in our physical and virtual gallery spaces. As a trusted international art brand, KAB Gallery is the culmination of my lifelong passion for art, along with education and career spent learning everything there is to know about collecting, investing in, valuing, restoring and selling art. With a focus on Australian collectable art and exciting contemporaries, collectors can feel confident that all items available at KAB Gallery are quality works that have been carefully vetted for exhibition.


Open 7 days on the Terrigal beachfront under the Crowne Plaza ph 1300 78 7773 or visit KABGallery.com




Kerry-Anne Blanket, Director & Curator - KAB Gallery
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Kerry-Anne Blanket

Director & Curator - KAB Gallery

KAB Gallery’s Kerry-Anne Blanket holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts and two Masters degrees (Hons) from the University of Sydney. With an extensive career in art education along with the management of museums and investment art galleries, Kerry-Anne can offer premier art consulting to her clients and source specially requested works. 

She has a keen eye for detail, comprehensive art market knowledge and a love of all things beautiful. Kerry-Anne works directly with artists and collectors alike to curate interesting and eclectic exhibitions.