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Andy Collis; Hitting the Right Notes

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  • 09/06/2020


 Acoustic Sounds, hits all the right notes.


Acoustic Sounds is full of life, colour and vibrancy. The original artwork by Andy Collis, almost sings off the board. Taking inspiration from one of the greats, Wassily Kandinsky, Collis has created a symphony of colour and movement to create a stunning celebration of the acoustic guitar.


Andy Collis

Acoustic Sounds

Mixed Media on Board (92x122cm)


Andy Collis created Acoustic Sounds to celebrate his love for the guitar and music itself. Collis wears many hat an artist, educator and as a musician. He is part of the three piece band The Brights, and enjoys exploring the art of music as much as the art of painting. In Acoustic Sounds he has blended the two together to create a euphony of rich colors to create a sensational painting.


“…trying to convey the love of guitars and the sounds that emanate from the acoustic guitar- it’s a challenge to convey one art form through another.” 


The Guild guitar is the star of this piece, robust in deep red & mahogany with soft touches of light it reflects the unmistakable sound of the metallic twinge of the strum of an acoustic guitar. The way in which the iconic American guitar is repeated gives a pop-art feel. Whilst the juxtaposition between colors and shapes in the background bounce off each other. Together the elements come together to create a modern tribute to the humble acoustic guitar. Framed in a clean white shadow frame, this piece is perfect for the modern music lover.


Hidden among the patches and swirls of colour is the guitar pick motif.

As an experienced & talented painter Andy Collis has been able to create a piece that truly gives colour to music. Acoustic Sounds emanates a warmth & joy that is contagious, infecting every space it fills with a true sense of happiness.

This incredible work from Andy is available online & at KAB Gallery Terrigal now. 

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