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Catherine Hiller: The Symphony Of Spring

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  • Marielle
  • 05/05/2018

When you look at Catherine Hiller’s stunning new painting Symphonie de printemps – II you are instantly transported to the new growth of spring as winters cold hold on the world begins to thaw. The shocks of bright pink and orange against the warm deep browns create a stunning composition. The colour sweeps across the canvas in fleeting movements, reminiscent of the fast beating wings of a bird, flitting among the newly opened flowers.


Catherine Hiller
Symphonie de printemps – II
Oil on Linen, 140 x 140cm
AUD $4,250

Symphonie de printemps – II is only one of many breathtaking paintings by Catherine Hiller.  Her exciting choice of colours paired with her “energetic and sensual strokes” combines to create amazing pieces. Inspired by music, sounds, people and emotions Hiller tries to “… translate it all onto the canvas without the distraction of a thought process” which results in a truly organic and raw painting style.


Catherine Hiller
Oil on Linen. 90 x 120cm
AUD $2,450


Hiller’s use of high quality oil paints on linen elevates Symphonie de printemps – II and gives it a undeniable sense of luxury. The richness of colours is breathtaking and the sheer scale of the painting oozes extravagance. Symphonie de printemps – II is framed in a simple wooden shadow frame and would compliment both a modern and traditional interior. 

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