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Contempo At KAB Gallery

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  • Immy Mason
  • 16/06/2023

As time marches forward, we can only expect our art to follow suit. Engaging in making practices, perhaps as an homage to tradition or a hearty goodbye to age old parameters, contemporary art offers both artists and aficionados the chance to experience their everyday realities in a more conceptual, expressive manner. 

At KAB Gallery, we recognise this.

KAB Gallery (Terrigal) is positioned on the Beachfront Terrace under Crowne Plaza Terrigal
Director & Curator Kerry-Anne Blanket

Contempo 2023 showcases the new and the exciting. With four best-on-the-scene artists decorating our Terrigal walls, this exhibition is a key to the unknown. Perched on the beach side, the expanse of the ocean echoes the array of works showcased within the gallery space, each as different as every passing wave. Ranging from abstracted figurative’s to lively still life’s, every work is as authentic as the tools that made them, and when you step into the gallery space, you’ll realise this holds much more gravitas than you might have initially thought.

In contemporary spheres, art itself takes on a soul. Rather than relying on traditional rules and parameters to define its worth, meaning, or apparent technique, contemporary art breathes independent from these confines. This is not to say traditional techniques don’t have this dynamism, just that contemporary art offers a new perspective from it. Our four Contempo artists’ work showcase this perhaps most aptly. As ardent reminders that traditional parameters don’t determine what can and can’t be artful, contemporary pieces do not dwell in predetermined ‘rules.’ As such, we see them endeavor towards and indeed reach new grounds.

Contempo at KAb gallery Opened this month showcasing a series of paintings by Catherine Garrod

Why this is important is twofold: contemporary art encourages us to forge our own stories with the work, and by extension, build a deeper connection with it, and it lets us encounter art in ways that might not have been thought of before. More and more we lean on art; with the recent rise of technology and advance of AI interfaces, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Here, contemporary art has a distinct advantage – it helps us decipher these continually evolving contingencies. Where media paints artificial intelligence as a matter of merely black and white, it also does so to our deciphering of the world around us. Contemporary art helps us see the grey space between the black and the white, and as such lets us explore nuance.

Here at KAB, we encourage you to experience this in the flesh every week of June, where the introduction of a different artist each time will surely transport you into a scene of pure contemporary bliss.

Pop into KAB Gallery Terrigal to experience modern thought made tangible. Contempo 2023 runs throughout all of June.

We look forward to welcoming you soon! 

The exhibition continues this weekend with a body of work by Fiona Clark
Up next is John Klein

Immy Mason, Gallerist
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Immy Mason is a Gallery Assistant at KAB Gallery Sydney. She has a strong knowledge of international art history and cultural contexts. Her interests in art theories have led her to current art studies. She is working towards completion of Bachelor of Arts (Western Civilisation) and a Master of Education. Her keen analytical eye for artworks is a unique attribute for helping collectors find interesting art to enjoy.