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Actor Chris Haywood Opens Jacki Fewtrell-Gobert’s Solo Exhibition at KAB Gallery Sydney

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  • Kerry-Anne Blanket
  • 06/04/2022

Jacki Fewtrell-Gobert’s long awaited solo exhibition of interior paintings was opened at KAB Gallery Sydney on 25th March. To celebrate, KAB Gallery hosted a champagne party event for collectors old and new. Special guest speaker Chris Haywood – one of Australia’s most loved actors who is an avid art collector and dear friend of Jacki’s, gave a speech to officially open the show and provide his interpretation of Jacki’s works. An edited excerpt of his speech is below.

The exhibition continues for a few more days. Contact the gallery for a complete catalogue and more information regarding special commission bookings.


It was F. H. Bradley in the 1890’s, who first considered that the human mind is a more fundamental feature of the universe than matter and that its purpose is to search for truth. He introduced the concept that an object in reality can have no absolute contours but varies from the angle from which it is seen. I would suggest that this applies to  its colours as well. Thus he defines the identity of things as the view the onlooker takes of it.

At around this same time the French impressionists Whose works were created  quickly and freely, that prioritised capturing a moment over perfect composition, were challenging the establishment. Think of Pissarro or Monet even Van Gough…. Preceding both Bradley and the Modernists in their rebellion

My dear friend Jacki Fewtrell’s works here today remind me so much of those impressionists, and she continues to quietly rebel with her wonderful palate of colours. She generously allows us, through her paintings access to her view, of often the world we live in ourselves but portrayed in a way that can appear to be other worldly.

To me a home without paintings suggests a sterile mind. I love paintings, my home is full of them. Images that challenge or sooth the mind often act as catalysts to help resolve, relax or restore my old grey matter.

Jacki’s beautiful pictures always affect me like a tablespoon full of happiness.  The colours, her beautiful colours. They have changed the way that I view so much of the world around me. Purple palm trees …impossible.. No…when the light is right there they are . 

On my wall at home is Jacki’s vision of Fitzies Fish and chip shop. Previously I only saw this as a grey building whose secret was the delicious fish and chips inside… Now as I approach, my mouth watering, her vision of what could well be described as the entrance to an Indian wedding fills my head along with the appropriate soundtrack. If only all of Brooklyn was painted as Jacki sees it.

You know, when you go to dinner to a friends place and you to take a bottle of wine. You take a bottle of French Champagne and you will be remembered for it. If you gave a friend a gift of one Jacki’s paintings, you will always be remembered for it. Because every time they look at it they will be enveloped in a spoonful of happiness.



Kerry-Anne Blanket, Director & Curator - KAB Gallery
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