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Jo Waite; Everyday Beauty

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  • 13/05/2019


It’s not uncommon to have to do a double take when you first see Jo Waite’s work, full of such incredible detail her original paintings are easily mistaken as a photograph at first glance. But it seems the more you look at the familiar scenes Waite pens with such precision, the more you notice the unusual little parts that accumulate to create fresh and modern landscapes. Even on the smallest of canvases, like Sydney Blues, Waite still manages to keep tiny details and interest in her beautiful scenes.  


Jo Waite
Sydney Blues
Acrylic on Canvas, (10 x 15cm)


Waite’s artworks have hardly had time to touch the walls at KAB Gallery with a growing demand for her iconic style. It’s hard to put one’s finger on what exactly makes the works of Waite so incredible but for me it is her ability to intertwine modernity within a traditional composition. Her twist on the traditional landscape creates a universal appeal for her work. Her beautifully presented artworks such as  could easily fit into a modern or traditional interior space. 


Jo Waite
Night By The Harbour
Acrylic on Canvas (10 x 15cm)


Waite is known for her impeccable precision when painting iconic Sydney scenes including the Sydney Harbor as seen in her piece Night By The Harbour. But in her latest works she’s taking a breather from the hustle & bustle of Sydney and exploring the picturesque Newcastle region.  Her two newest pieces to land in KAB Gallery have the same signature style but highlight the beauty in everyday scenes of the beautiful coastal city, Newcastle. 


Jo Waite
The Jogger 2019
Acrylic on Canvas 46x46cm


The Jogger is the first of 2 of Waite’s newest arrivals to KAB Gallery that explore the beauty of Newcastle. The dainty litte yellow flowers in the left hand corner, and the surfers gliding through the waves in the backdrop capture your attention just as much as the contrasting pink shorts of the main subject. The subdued blue gradient of the horizon and ocean colors creates a dreamy atmosphere. 



Jo Waite
The Jumper 2019
Acrylic on Canvas 46x46cm

When Waite dropped by the gallery she assured me that she didn’t have a favorite out of the pair. You can understand why, because it’s impossible to pick when you view her second piece, The Jumper. This is another exceptional piece by Waite, framed in a stunning shadow box frame. This original artwork transcends time and place and transports you directly to the beach so carefully painted. The small figures, jumping off the cliffs worn away by the relentless waves that hit the shore tell only part of a story. 

There is a nostalgic air that hovers above these two exquisite pieces that portray the everyday scenes of a coastal life. The finer details and the intriguing composition allows us all to begin to read the same story but leaves the ending open so we can fill the gaps with our own memories. Waite allows us to take a moment and enjoy the beauty of so-called mundane scenes. 

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