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Coming Soon… Carly Le Cerf; More than Paint

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  • 10/09/2019

Three huge parcels arrived today, sealed with fragile tape and covered in handle with care stickers. Which can only mean one thing… something exciting is coming to KAB gallery!

It seems like only yesterday KAB Gallery was full of fresh new Australian contemporary talent for KAB’s annual Contempo event in August, but now we’re only 7 days away from the opening of yet another incredible exhibition by Contempo artist Alumni, Carly Le Cerf! Based in rural Australia, Le Cerf paints her pieces from the picturesque landscape that surrounds her in her idyllic Mount Barker property in Western Australia. Hidden within the cardboard boxes that showed up at our door today, are over 10 exciting new pieces for Le Cerf’s exhibition; More than Paint. 


Carly Le Cerf in her rural artist studio, overlooking her source of inspiration… the beauty of rural Australia.


A large contrast from the summery beach scenes of Sally West’s recent solo exhibition, Le Cerf takes us above the rural beauty that covers most of our magnificent sun-burnt country. Her incredible aerial scenes are rich with texture and body due to her unique wax encaustic process. Using pure bees wax enriched with pigments, she creates her pieces in an almost mathematical equation. Adding and subtracting the wax on board until she finds the perfect balance. “It’s kind of like I am constructing my own 3D landscape” she describes. 


A snapshot from Carly Le Cerf’s social media
“Enjoying this meditative process.. incising around drips of encasutic paint to create the effect of trees”


In a recent blog post the artist tried to encapsulate the reason she paints into words… Fat, juicy, luscious paint, texture and a balance of opaque and translucent layering. A dance that inhabitants the process of making a place which sits somewhere between real and remembered.” Just as Carly Le Cerf has a love affair with “… the landscape and the alchemy of paint”, art collectors both near and far are feeling the same love for her intriguing and rare works. 

With a masters in Fine Art & Painting from Edith Cowan University in Mount Lawley, Carly Le Cerf has had an extensive art education which has led her to a refined artistic practice. Constantly evolving her technique and style as she continues to push the boundaries with such an experimental media. From the glimpses I’ve stolen, her newest works are a mix of impressionistic dreaminess and textural beauty.  


Fat, juicy, luscious paint, texture and a balance of opaque and translucent layering. A dance that inhabitants the process of making a place which sits somewhere between real and remembered.”


Opening September 17th and running until the 23rd, More than Paint is an exhibition that is not to be missed. With rich tones of green, amber and earthy ochre Le Cerf’s latest works will look even better in real life, but if you’re dying for a sneak peek subscribe to our mailing list now to be the first to see the new arrivals in an exclusive catalogue HERE

If you’re like me, on the edge of your seat dying to grab a little more of a glimpse, check out this gorgeous piece below titled Bush. It’s my absolute favourite of Carly Le Cerf’s newest pieces, because of the unique jigsaw puzzle like piecing of the nine different canvases…. does that make it a nontych? Whatever the technical term, it all comes together to become one stunning artwork! The rest of the amazing new pieces are on a tight lockdown, but soon to be released! 


Carly Le Cerf
Encaustic on board (65x65cm)


Don’t forget to put it in your calendar now so you don’t miss out…

Carly Le Cerf; More Than Paint

September 17-23rd 2019



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