Greg Jarmaine: A Snapshot in Time

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  • By: Marielle
  • Saturday 5th May 2018

Australian artist, Greg Jarmaine captures the picturesque Terrigal rock pool with a nostalgic filter. Reminiscent of hot summer days, Terrigal Rockpool, instantly transports you to when you had sand in between your toes, a sticky ice block melting down your hand and the sea breeze blowing through your hair.

Greg Jarmaine
Terrigal Rock Pool
Oil on Canvas, 25x17cm
AUD $1,250

This moment frozen in time captures the gorgeous rich blues of the ocean as it sprays against the rocks, and the foggy figures of swimmers as they wade through the cool water. A single yellow buoy sits at the top of the composition, wafting over the waves. It draws the eye out beyond the pool, where the water seems to continue on forever.

Greg Jarmaine painting ‘en plein air’ at Terrigal Beach, NSW, Australia


The rockpool featured in the image is an iconic location in Terrigal, located only meters away from our beautiful gallery! It is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike. It offers a shelter from the waves of the ocean. Allowing families to enjoy and play in the refreshing salt water on hot summer days.

As the summer swim season of 2018 comes to an end, the rockpool will undergo renovations. This gorgeous original en Plein air painting is a snap shot of the popular rock pool before it is transformed, making it a unique fragment of Terrigal’s history.

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