Greg Jarmaine


Greg Jarmaine has spent almost forty years as a professional artist. He has a distinctive style that art lovers Australia wide adore and collect. His understanding of perspective, colour and light, along with his handling of oil, acrylic and watercolour paints has come naturally, and is a regular part of his life. Greg’s subject matter ranges widely, covering a full spectrum from coastal beaches to country homesteads, to local street scenes and exotic international boulevards. A hallmark of almost every artwork is Greg’s custom of leaving out certain modern structures, transporting the landscape back in time to create nostalgic views which hark back to fond memories.

Since his first solo exhibition in 1980, his art work has been in popular demand throughout Australia as well as in the UK and America. To date, Jarmaine has had 34 successful one man shows.  All very popular events for collectors and one completely sold out within the first day of showing.

Predominantly working with oil and acrylic paints, Jarmaine has developed a modern impressionistic style, creating detailed paintings with swift brush strokes.


“His abilities are extroadinary, wheather it is at the beach at Terrigal, or on the glistening wet pavements of Paris on a cold winters day, Greg is truely a creative master” 

Scott Levi – Presenter, ABC Radio July 2014