Distinctly Distorted: The Signature Style of Jennifer Gabbay

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  • By: Marielle Birchall
  • Saturday 5th May 2018


Vivid, bright, & radiant are only a few of the words that come to mind when looking at Jennifer Gabbay’s stunning artworks. New to KAB Gallery, Jennifer Gabbay is an established Australian artist with a unique style that is truly mesmerizing! Her work focuses on “…merging ideas, diverse cultural customs and personal experiences into contemporary abstracted images of both the figurative and visible worlds” 


Freesian Follies, is a spectacular piece that oozes a sense of joy. The original painting depicts a vase of flowers in Gabbay’s signature distorted style. In this painting the artist expresses “…movement and rhythm as well as an emotive spirit.” The vibrant greens, warm yellows and pops of bright pink & purple are sure to brighten any interior space. The colorful composition is contained within a clean white box frame.


Jennifer Gabbay
Freesian Follies
Mixed Media on Board, 90x120cm
AUD $4,800


Another example of Gabbay’s exquisite work is Le Fleuriste. Like Freesian Follies, the subject matter has been distorted buy the artist in organic shapes of dynamic colour. The title itself gives a hint to what the painting could be, as ‘Le Fleuriste’ translates to ‘the florist’ in English. Patches of beautiful blues are contrasted with dashes of red, greens and neutrals. It is elegantly finished in a white frame.


Jennifer Gabbay
Le Fleuriste
Mixed Media on Board 100x100cm
AUD $4,800


Freesian Follies & Le Fleuriste are just two examples of some of the amazing work created by the talented Jennifer Gabbay.  As an artist that has exhibited from Sydney to New York, we welcome the talents of Jennifer Gabbay to the KAB Gallery stable.  Her unique distortion style is like nothing else! Why not come and see these amazing pieces in person now at our Terrigal Gallery. We have a feeling they won’t be here long…!