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The Beauty of Horseshoe Lagoon; Alison Percy

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  • Marielle
  • 10/07/2019

Alison Percy has created yet another stunning piece that echoes the incredible connection the artist has with the Australian bush. Created through a contemporary lens, Horseshoe Lagoon, could be described in just one word… Serene.


Alison Percy
Horseshoe Lagoon – Plein Air
Acrylic on Cotton Canvas 125x125cm


Horseshoe Lagoon, featured in the current Art Edit Winter issue, is another incredible plein air painting by the talented Australian artist Alison Percy.  The minimal warm palette combined with expressive and purposeful brush stokes creates a stunning contemporary piece. 

In Art Edit Alex Thom described the piece as “… a composition that dances before the eye.” The incredible movement captured within the artwork is reminiscent of the graceful sway of eucalyptus leaves in the bush.  As Art Edit’s gallery panelist Salli Coppin describes, It has “an illustrative quality that captures the essence of place.” 


Alison Percy sets her easel up in the most beautiful natural environments to immerse herself fully in the nature she is painting.                            Photo: @alisonpercyartist


The sense of the tranquil and serene Australian bush is can only be captured within the location itself. Percy painted Horseshoe Lagoon on location, using the environment around her to dictate the way in which the painting forms. The colors closely matched and drawn from the vegetation in the area. 

Sketched roughly on a primed canvas, the piece only truly comes to life once from the movement of the leaves. Each one dictating where it falls on the canvas as it dances in the breeze. Percy is a vessel, clarifying the story of each leaf and limb of the gum tree to convey a story that would otherwise be lost to the wind. 


Percy draws colors and tones from the natural wildlife around her to create her beautifully refined pieces.                                    Photo: @alisonpercyartist


Horseshoe Lagoon was accurately described as “seemingly simple” by the Art Edit panel. The impeccable balance Percy has achieved between positive and negative space creates a simplified yet dynamic composition. Framed in mountain Ash 

Between the leaves that so perfectly dangle across the canvas the glitter of the water shines through. Percy created an artwork that seeps light and warmth into the space. Framed in mountain Ash, it is perfect for the modern interior space. 

Grab a copy of Art Edit to read more about work of Alison Percy & other great Australian contemporary artists. Be sure to look out for the articulate & expert words of KAB Gallery’s very own director, Kerry-Anne Blanket featured in the Gallery Panel.   

Horseshoe Lagoon is exhibiting now at KAB Gallery Terrigal. 

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