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Still Life with Kerri Kerley

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  • 01/07/2019

Kerri Kerley’s incredible original paintings echo her connection and love for Australia.

Kerley began her creative career in advertising as a designer, typographer and illustrator before becoming a full-time artist.A lifelong love of art, and a commitment to her drawing practice intuitively progressed into a love for painting which has been her key media throughout the past decade.  After extensive travel with her family across Australia, Kerley was awoken to the connection she held to the incredible beauty and richness of our country. Now, her love of the varied Australian landscape and it’s people serve as her main inspiration for her artworks. Kerley works mainly within the genres of portraiture, landscape and still life, but no matter the style she leaves a part of her love and heart on the canvas. 


Kerley painting Gum flowers & Nasturtiums in her sun soaked Central Coast studio


Kerley’s latest arrivals to KAB Gallery, Still Life with Beach ClothGum flowers and Nasturtiums are two examples of her impeccable skill and artistry in creating inviting and beautiful artworks. Her still lifes are drenched in color and are rich with a warm sense of home. In both pieces Kerley has created a balanced composition, playing with the light and shadow to give a beautiful depth to her work. 

Kerley works from her picturesque sunlit studio on the Central Coast, NSW, Australia. The incredible landscape of Australia is a particular source of inspiration. Within her original still lifes she explores the unique Australian light, color and flora that is endemic to the country. Still Life with Beach Cloth & Gum flowers and Nasturtiums which feature Australian florals, were painted from fresh flowers in Kerley’s studio. 


Kerri Kerley
Still Life with Beach Cloth
Oil on Canvas (70x65cm)


Still Life with Beach Cloth illustrates Kerley’s innate ability to combine warm and cool hues to reach an equilibrium of color that is restful to the eye. The cool light blue background is paired with the gorgeous glow of the sunlight to create an incredible halo like effect around the vase of flowers. The flowers themselves vary in tones of rose, blush and crimson that together ooze a sense of life and depth into the composition. Although it may simple, Still Life with Beach Cloth, is anything but. Each line, color and shape have been carefully placed on the canvas by Kerley to create a piece that is harmonious and welcoming. 

“Painting is an emotional process for me and very personal. It is difficult to put into words; however, remains to be a constant exhilarating and spiritual journey of passion, perfection and self-discovery.”

In Kerley’s Gum flowers & Nasturtiums the artists love and warmth is shown in her work. Similarly to Still Life with Beach Cloth Kerley expertly interweaves the warmth of the foliage against the coolness of the vase. The gum’s fall effortlessly, and each leaf is awash with shades of pear, pine and green. The colors on the canvas speak to each other to create a cohesive story of simplistic beauty.  


Kerri Kerley
Gum flowers & Nasturtiums
Oil on Canvas (70x65cm)



Kerri Kerley’s works are full of colour and warmth, but most importantly they are rich with spirit. Both pieces, like all of Kerley’s works are embodiment of her passion and love of painting and creating artworks. Maybe it’s the incredible composition, the balance of tones or the spirit of Kerley herself, but each time I look at these still lifes, I just feel at home. They have a calming sense that warms the area around them.


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