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Kelly-Anne Love: Passion Beyond Words

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  • 27/05/2019


A speech can last 3 minutes but an artwork can speak forever – and Kelly-Anne Love’s incredible Endangered Series speaks for those that are often left without a voice.  As an artist, as a mother & as a human-being Kelly-Anne Love has an “unquenchable desire” to portray & celebrate “how beautiful and special the worlds flora and fauna is” with the intent to capture it’s beauty for generations to come. Her stunning original watercolor & ink paintings shine a light on unique Australian species that represent the hundreds of integral animals that are at high risk of disappearing forever and reinforcing ” how lucky we are…” to experience such incredible creatures everyday.  


Kelly-Anne Love
Luna – Endangered Regent Honeyeater
Watercolour and Ink on Paper (76x56cm) Framed in Raw Timber


Behind the incredible eyes of each of Love’s pieces lies the story of these extraordinary animals that gets lost in the bleak statistics and warnings that we hear everyday. Luna, the endangered regent Honeyeater is one of Kelly-Anne’s most recent pieces and represents the story of one of only 500 of these regal birds that are left in their natural habitat. These magnificent birds are threatened by the loss, fragmentation and degradation of their habitat. 


“….unquenchable desire to show the world, the world through my eyes”


Luna’s vibrant feathers are reminiscent of the glowing night sky, perhaps an almost foreshadowing as the sun continues to set on the future of this incredible and integral native species endemic to the Central Coast, NSW. Kelly-Anne Love’s exquisite balance between  —– creates a work that is perfectly imperfect and echoes the beauty & fragility of nature itself. Like all of Love’s work, Luna represents much more than just a pretty picture. Luna is the spokesperson for even the smallest creatures and ugliest critters that all play essential roles in the ecosystem. “With the efforts going into its conservation having positive effects on many other species that share its habitat.”



Kelly-Anne Love
Watercolour and Ink on Paper (76x56cm) Framed in White


Love’s piece “Cassowary”  embodies her “uncompromisingly unconventional portrayal of animals and oceanic creatures” as “the purest representation of my absolute love.”  Like the heaviest flightless bird of Australia, Love’s Cassowary has an undeniable presence and attitude. It’s due to staunch into KAB Gallery over the next few weeks, and we are sure it’s set to make an impression! 

Kelly-Anne Love has injected the Cassowary, native to the dense rain forests of Queensland, with an undeniable life force. He is covered in extraordinary electric hues of red & blue which glows against the crisp white background.  Cassowary’s casque is tattooed with Love’s distinct edgy style, adding an extra layer of personality to this intriguing & character-filled bird.  But behind the bad-boy attitude, deep within his soft eye lies the truth about this is rare bird. His species is heavily threatened by deforestation, fragmentation of it’s habitat and mortality due to dogs & cars. In 2012 it was estimated it’s population had reduced to around 2000 and like Luna, the Regent Honey eater Cassowary is threatened by extinction. 


Kelly-Anne Love with her stunning piece Cassowary
FINALIST: XI FIP World Polo Art Exhibition

Kelly-Anne Love’s Luna & Cassowary are a celebration of these incredible species, but they are also a call to action. They represent the thousands of species endemic to Australia that sit on the cusp of extinction. With the incredible government initiative  that allows businesses in Australia to claim an immediate 100% tax deduction on all artwork purchased from KAB Gallery for the business, you can continue to spread the message of Kelly-Anne Love within your workplace too. With a Love original artwork on your wall you can proudly show that your business is an ally to the animals, to the globe and to future generations.


“As I grow and develop as an artist I believe I am consistently reinvent my own way of talking to the world about its beauty and the collision of that with my own inner thoughts and beliefs in hope to inspire and make a difference.” 


The power of these incredible pieces goes beyond the expertly executed technicalities and techniques Kelly-Anne employs in her original artworks, but it lies in the passion of the artist herself. Love is an incredible artist that has the innate ability to transfer her “…absolute love” of Australia’s wildlife to paper.  Her passion for her art and for the wildlife who’s stories she shares is beyond words. She allows us to connect and relate to these exquisite and unique animals through the universal language of art. 


KAB Gallery is proud to represent artists such as Kelly-Anne Love that create phenomenal artworks that spread messages of love and hope for a greener future. Come and experience her amazing artworks at KAB Gallery Terrigal today!


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