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Nadege Lamy- Turning to Nature for Unrivalled Catharsis

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  • Bianca Luciano
  • 12/12/2020

Nadege Lamy Art Exhibition at Sydney Contemporary KAB Gallery

An exciting new addition to KAB Gallery Sydney, we welcomed Nadege Lamy’s latest series of work for exhibition. The fresh body of work reflects the patterns in nature and the way in which they facilitate spiritual catharsis and reflection. Each acrylic painting, rendered skillfully onto cradled birch board, seem to almost pulsate with energy, immediately catching ones eye as you enter the gallery.

Nadege explained that she finds immense solace in the scenic quietness of NSW’s Blue Mountains and its natural landscape. Her surroundings are reflective and cathartic, allowing her time to recharge her battery in between ever focused project.

For this body of work, Nadege Lamy utilises an old French stencil technique called Pochoir. This technique involves the artist designing intricate stencils, cutting them out, combined with hand painting each element with a brush. Meticulously placing, lifting and then replacing the her hand-made stencils, Nadege rhythmically paints within the negative spaces she creates using the stencil. The process is labour intensive and time consuming but the result is that of an intricate, geometric and stunning painting. Each work is unique, the patterns and colours dancing within the plane. Each panel displays a one-of-a-kind interplay between blocks of colour and tessellating monochrome pattern. Her works are lively and full of energy, again reflecting those organic and natural patterns that Nadege witnesses within her surroundings.

In her own words, Nadege emphasises that her  “paintings are inspired by the Australian natural environment, through the prism of multi-sensibilities influenced by my French-Australian culture and my interest in Asian Philosophies. On canvas I aim to express the meditative, spiritual exchange that I experience from nature……BREATH”

Reflecting on her time within the industry of the Arts, Nadege states that she would not place a foot different in her journey full of ups and downs. She parted with some inspiring words for all young art lovers and artists trying to find their place in the world, that being, to trust the process. She emphasises the importance of doing what you love and the excitement that inevitably follows. A lesson in perseverance and adaptation, Nadege has evolved her practice over her many years of experience in the pursuit of innovation, and we are beyond excited to exhibit her work in our Sydney Gallery.
View the current exhibition in person or virtually via our online gallery at kabgallery.com. To see our beautiful selection of work, visit us at KAB Gallery Sydney, located at 977 Pacific Highway Pymble, NSW 2073.