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In the Studio: Andy Collis works on new ‘Colour Layer’ series

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  • 13/04/2017

Andy Collis works both in his studio and en plein air (out in the open on location). His tranquil studio is positioned on a large rural property overlooking vast greenery, which makes for an amazing connection with the natural environment. For this reason it’s difficult to categorise Andy as being primarily a studio painter or en plein air traditionalist.

The studio space, a former horse stable, connects with a rural path leading through to lush fields. Andy regularly paints this pathway as it’s tall shady trees, numerous beehives and various native wildlife offer such an amazing subject matter. In an odd way the area is quiet and noisy at the same time – the type of country silence buzzing with birds singing, horses nickering and of course the tinkering of Andy’s brushes and palette wash.

It is in this inspiring space that Andy spends as many days as he can working on his new “Colour Layer” series. This is by far Andy’s most popular series to date and has gained worldwide attention. His technique involves the layering of splashed contrasting pigments and mediums on canvas. The result is an expressive abstract work of art that Andy skillfully works to create a representative composition. The paintings immediately remind viewers of Pollock’s famous drip paintings and the intense work of Milton Resnick. 

Look closely to see the layers of dripped paint and detail.

The Path to the Garden Gate
Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas (105x125cm)
AUD $1495


Andy is also a portrait painter, so his studio with many familiar faces on canvas positioned throughout the space is anything but lonely. Sitting in one corner is a previous Archibald Prize entry of Lindy Chamberlain, the inspiration behind the popular 1980s film Evil Angels which tells the story of her wrongfully conviction for the murder of her baby later found to have been taken by a Dingo. In another corner sits gold medal winning Paralympian and now Member of NSW Parliament Liesl Tesch, while the faces of many locals including his lovely children are also spread out among the space. During the portrait painting process Andy meets with his subject several times for sittings, often forming a strong bond throughout the painting process.

Andy Collis with Lindy Chamberlain and his wonderful Archibald Prize entry

Andy Collis’ studio is open by appointment, while commissions are welcome via KAB Gallery. Call 1300 78 7773 or email [email protected] 


KERRY-ANNE BLANKET, Director & Curator - KAB Gallery
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