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Capturing the Light; Sarah Waghorn

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  • 15/10/2018



Sarah Waghorn brings native flora to life as she tries to to capture the sensational beauty that the rich Australian light reflects.  As an English born artist she has a unique view and is sensitive to the differences in Australia’s strong, bright and rich sunlight. In her own words she describes herself as being “… forever enchanted by how light falls across plants, flowers, leaves, water and landscape.” Waghorn goes on to explain that “…having grown up in a far softer (Northern Hemisphere) light I notice the Australian colour temperature all the time and am eager to capture this in my paint palette.” In her well placed strokes and terrific composition Waghorn captures a sense of warmth and beauty within her paintings. It almost feels as though you could reach into the painting and touch the unmistakable texture of some of Australia’s most incredible flowers & plants.  


Sarah Waghorn
Oil on Panel (40x40cm)
AUD $790


Waghorns incredible gift to encapsulate the beauty of Australia’s unique flora can be seen in the gorgeous painting Buckinghamia. The painting gets it’s title from the scientific name of the tree commonly known as the ivory curl tree; Buckinghamia celsissimaIt is a species native to Australia and although it is endemic to QLD, it can been found in ornamental gardens all over Australia for it’s beautiful & elusive flowers. Waghorns interesting viewpoint in Buckinghamia accentuates the long inflorescences that are covered in soft white petals and creates an interesting perspective.  Whilst her dabs of light and dark shades of green create a dappled light that create an excellent depth to the piece. The artwork is finished in a contemporary oak frame that finishes the original artwork off perfectly. Within this painting you can see Waghorns fearlessness of embracing and playing with light within the composition. 


Sarah Waghorn
Morning Sunlight
Oil on Board (61x61cm)
AUD $990


This same fearlessness can be seen in another one of Sarah’s exquisite paintings, Morning Sunlight. This original artwork captures a unique light & shadow play within Waghorn’s studio. “…[it] only happens for a few weeks of the year creating a light pattern in my studio. This year I made sure I captured it!” There is a beautiful contrast between the dark green leaves covered by the shadow against the bright green leaves towards the foreground that bask in the rich Australian light.  In this composition you can see the light dance and play in front of you whilst the warmth of the sun exuberate through the artwork to create a sensational warmth.  Much like Buckinghamia, Waghorn’s choice of an unusual perspective boosts the piece and creates another level of interest. 

In both Buckinghamia Morning Sunlight  Waghorn has managed to capture the light, thus creating a mood that acts as an emotive connector between the viewer & the painting. The use of oil paints in her pieces allows the light to play and reflect of the artwork itself, gracing the pieces with an unmistakable gloss and opulent finish. Waghorn’s harmonious floral works lend themselves to both the modern and traditional interior, bringing a sense of light and joy into any space.

Come into KAB Gallery Terrigal today and view these magical artworks in person! Buckinghamia, Morning Sunlight and many other amazing pieces of Sarah Waghorn’s are on exhibition now. 

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