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Behind the Layers; Catherine Hiller

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  • 09/09/2018


Catherine Hiller’s mesmerizing works ooze a sense of life, joy and freedom. Behind the layers of paint, exploding with opulent color lies a passion for life that comes for the artist, Catherine Hiller. Inspired by “… absolutely everything around me – colours, moods, seasons, sounds, people and most of all music – every cue, whether visual or aural has a colour to me.” Hiller’s paintings are a direct translation of her love of absolutely every moment of life. 


Catherine Hiller
Oil on Linen 90 x 120cm (93 x 123cm Framed)
AUD $2450


Hiller’s use of rich oils on linen give her paintings a luxurious sheen whilst her choice of vibrant cohesive colors exude a warmth to any space. In her decadent painting, Lux, the deep rich blues of the background give life to the fluttering of mint, white and a fleck of purple. The stunning depth within the pieces is achieved through thoughtful layering.  Hiller says her abstract paintings begin “…with the dark, then come all the colorful layers. To me this symbolizes the up and downs of life with the overwhelming positivity and resilience that I choose to adopt in my life.” 


Catherine Hiller
L’eden I
Oil on Linen 49x39cm
AUD $595


In a way, all of Hiller’s pieces reflect her outlook on life, thus becoming very personal works. Hiller is drawn to working in the abstract form as it allows her to express “everything you can’t put into words.” As she paints she can “… feel the flow of happiness. I have an unconscious pull and I feel like my arm is disconnected, it’s quite surreal.”  The sense of happiness and emotion is obvious in her piece, L’eden I. The vibrant green, blue and orange create a harmonious piece that emanates a sense of optimism. 


Catherine Hiller
Les Flots

Each of Hiller’s works, such as Les Flots, contains at least 5-10 layers. “It is like telling a story, each layer adds to the story and the painting just tells me when it’s finished, when all has been said.” Les Flots, translating to “The Waves” speaks to the viewer of the deep blues of the ocean and the constant crashing of waves against the shore. This piece illustrates the expertise Hiller has in creating movement within her works. 

Hiller’s emotive works such as Lux, L’eden I & Les Flots  are only a few examples of the innate talent Hiller has for translating human emotion into a painting that everyone can connect to. Only time will tell what’s next for this amazing artist… “I never plan my work, there’s no thought process, it’s all very intuitive and I just go with the flow. I actually really enjoy the feeling of not knowing what will be next!” 

In the meantime, be sure to check out some of Catherine Hiller’s stunning works, they are currently exhibiting now. The photos don’t do these truly spectacular pieces justice, so why not come and visit KAB Terrigal gallery today! 


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