Esther Eckley: Sublime Still Life

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  • Marielle
  • 10/07/2018


Subdued tones, refined composition and an expert hand all combine to create Esther Eckley’s gorgeous new artworks! As a new addition to KAB Gallery, Eckley’s works are an interior designers dream. Inspired by the unique light & color of the Australian landscape her oil paintings are exquisite! Featuring on trend colors & a subtle texture, these pieces are sure to work in any interior space.


Esther Eckley
Roses and Apples
Oil on Canvas 54x54cm
AUD $1100


The piece Roses & Apples by Eckley showcases her natural instinct for colour. Subtle grey & greens pop against a bright blue. Whilst the soft pink of the delicate roses creates a balanced & harmonious composition. Like all of her works, this gorgeous painting is framed in a simple whitewashed wooden shadow frame that gives the artwork a modern edge! 


Esther Eckley
Tulips and Pomegranate
Oil on Canvas 44x54cm
AUD $900


Like Roses & Apples, the work Tulips and Pomegranate also oozes a sense of ease & tranquility. Eckley’s use of a peaceful deep blue to create color blocked shadows is an unconventional choice that elevates this piece. The pentagonal shadows of the apple, pomegranate & vase are a juxtaposition to the soft curves of the items themselves. This contrast adds another level of interest to a simple, balanced arrangement. 


Esther Eckley
Orchid and Lemon
Oil on Canvas 44x44cm
AUD $720


Orchid and Lemon once again showcases Eckley’s expert understanding of color. Her use of a beautiful light grey in the foreground contrasted against a darker grey in the background creates an amazing depth in the artwork.  The bright yellow of the lemon lightens the cool & mellow color palette. 

These amazing artworks by Esther Eckley show that the artist has an undeniable talent for creating balanced, harmonious and sublime still life! Be sure to pop into the gorgeous KAB Gallery, Terrigal and view some of these exquisite works that are being exhibited now. 

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