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Covid Creative: KAB Gallery artist Kelly-Anne Love has created a gift

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  • Kerry-Anne Blanket
  • 23/04/2020

The current Covid-19 pandemic has brought forth many challenges in various forms. A key challenge for most of us is navigating physical distancing. Essentially it means more time at home and depending on your home unit, it might mean more time with your family or more time at home by yourself. For some people it means more free time on your hands and for others it’s more time juggling to balance supervision of children’s learning, family time, as well as work commitments. Whatever it means for you we understand that everyone is adjusting and seeking a sense of balance in this new (but ultimately temporary) way of life. 

Over the past few weeks I have come across several artists boasting of their preparedness for this new way of life. They explain their life as an artist has trained and avidly prepped them for solitary life. However I feel that even the most introverted creatives are going to be navigating their own new struggles as the ripple effect of Covid-19 restrictions starts to kick in long term with even the most subtle changes making big impacts to daily life.

KAB Gallery artist Kelly-Anne Love is people-oriented and thrives on community connection. Her art is an extended method of connection where each artwork is filled with messages and positive intent. Kelly-Anne Love’s paintings contain beautiful and exuberate messages of animal welfare, world kindness, joy and relationships. Her paintings are created with heartfelt emotions and messages from the hearts of the subjects she paints. Whether its a magpie expressing love and care for its young or a sea turtle hatchling experiencing its first swim in the ocean, all of her paintings share a common aspect and conveyed meaning. 

As a mum and full-time professional artist Kelly-Anne is also in search of the Covid-19 work-life balance with physical distancing. True to her creative self she has moved forward in the most innovative of ways, redefining home schooling with the aim to discover some form of balance between education and entertainment for her family. Through implementing some new strategies here and there throughout each day, she discovered one activity was particularly fun for her entire family. 

As a relatively intuitive idea for an artist but wonderfully apt for the Covid-19 experience, Kelly-Anne created two beautifully drawn images inspired by her most popular painted subjects. She drew them in solid illustrated pen form and printed several copies for her family to use as the basis of their own creations. They were intended as initial outlines for colouring-in but ended up inspiring foundations for her children and family to create their own unique artworks. 

Kelly-Anne explained that after the initial weeks of adjusting to the family’s new physically distant lifestyle, she was happy that her ideas were being received so well by her family. With everyone so quiet and creative she felt they had found a sense of contentment and relaxation under her roof. 

As an extended message of love in the pandemic Kelly-Anne Love hopes you can enjoy these illustrations as FREE printables. Simply complete the form below, then download and print them from your email. 

I wanted to create a gift of escapism for young and old. Something fun to break away from the lock down stress.  My advice to anyone using these printables is to be yourself,  there is no wrong or right and get creative!  Colour inside or outside the lines I don’t care as long as you love it!  I would love to see the results!

My gift from me to you! 

Kelly-Anne Love

Kerry-Anne Blanket, Director & Curator - KAB Gallery
About the author

Kerry-Anne Blanket

Director & Curator - KAB Gallery

KAB Gallery’s Kerry-Anne Blanket holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts and two Masters degrees (Hons) from the University of Sydney. With an extensive career in art education along with the management of museums and investment art galleries, Kerry-Anne can offer premier art consulting to her clients and source specially requested works. 

She has a keen eye for detail, comprehensive art market knowledge and a love of all things beautiful. Kerry-Anne works directly with artists and collectors alike to curate interesting and eclectic exhibitions.