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Alison Percy: Lost in the Mountains

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  • 22/02/2019

Each week this February KAB Gallery is featuring a new Australian artist’s work for you to view and purchase as part of our annual Contemporary Collectable exhibition. Each of the three artists featured are unique to the next with amazing contrasts in their style, technique, and subject matter.


Introducing Alison Percy (Feb 19-28)

We can’t believe it’s already the final week of KAB Gallery’s annual Contemporary Collectable exhibition. So far, we’ve enjoyed the rich organic texture of Carly Le Cerf and the nostalgia-filled pop art of Hugo Mathias. Last but certainly not least, we are excited to introduce our final artist, Alison Percy. 


Alison Percy
View From Tawonga Gap Road
Acrylic on canvas, framed in Australian mountain ash (79 x 105cm)


There is beauty in the subtlety of the purposefully placed strokes of Australian artist Alison Percy. Her awe-inspiring original paintings encapsulate the rich, natural beauty of the Murray River region.  Percy’s style is distinct with clear and refined patches of tranquil colors that ebb and flow into each other to create an unequaled sense of life. It is only when you meet Alison Percy that you can understand where the life force within her paintings originate from.


Alison Percy “… exudes love and passion for her art that lingers in each of her artworks.”   


Alison Percy is an artist full of life and joy. She exudes love and passion for her art, which lingers in each of her artworks. Percy brings a gorgeous warmth into the room as she speaks of her evolving and ever-changing practice. Her desire to constantly experiment with new methods, materials, strokes and ideas has driven her career forward. Percy treats each individual artwork as its own masterpiece, dedicating hours and only the highest quality materials to create her paintings. Each painting oozes understated opulence painted on luxe Italian linen and framed in Australian mountain ash. 


Alison Percy
Over The Bridge
Acrylic on Linen, framed Australian mountain ash (63 x 94cm)


After a distinguished 30-year career as a design professional, Percy’s expert eye ensures that each piece is resolute, creating the perfect balance to results in a harmonious and delicate artwork. Within works such as Bogong High Plains Road, Percy’s restrained and refined style results in a beautiful cohesion of strokes. It is as if each intuitive mark, line and color are all separate entities that hold part of a story. Together, they join and meld to become one and relay a tale of the beauty that lay hidden within such a unique region of Australia. 


Alison Percy
Bogong High Plains Road
Acrylic on linen, framed Australian mountain ash (94.4 x 124.9cm)


Percy’s practice is informed by the landscape from which she draws her inspiration. She often begins her paintings en plein air to absorb and translate the spirit of the dynamic environment which surrounds her. Each color is carefully selected to explore the tonal variety of hues and shades within the landscape. Percy’s experimentation with tonal value gives life to colors that blend and blur in and out of focus to create landscapes that move and change throughout the day. 


Alison Percy
Mount Bogong Valley View
Acrylic on canvas, framed in Australian Mountain Ash (79 x 105cm)


If I was asked to sum up Percy’s paintings in a single word, it would be Tranquil. Percy has created artworks that live, breathe and feel like a true sense of the landscapes they reflect. The organic mark making and serene colors come together to create landscapes that feel like an open window to an undisturbed and peaceful Australian landscape. It is as if you can hear the soft bird calls and the sound of gum leaves rustling in the wind as you gaze out. The beautiful serenity she creates within her work overflows into the space where it hangs, bringing with it the beauty of the Australian environment and the love of a passionate artist.


View Alison Percy’s original artworks at our sun soaked gallery at Terrigal Beach today!


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