Adam Harriden and the Power of Polariod

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  • Friday 6th January 2017

Adam Harriden is a renowned Australian photography artist. KAB Gallery proudly presents his local landscape work, showcasing the world of the surfer and life at the beach. Since Harriden moved back to Australia from New York,  his work has focused on his local beach side community and their connection with the ocean .

Shunning the high-tech world inhabited by other photography artists, his camera of choice is his temperamental and chance-like 1968 103 Polaroid LAND camera. After months spent perfecting his technique of rolling film by hand onto photographic paper on-site, Adam finally ended up with a stunning, painterly photographic product that he now looks forward to sharing with the world.

These vintage film photographs are now on exhibition at KAB Gallery, framed and ready for your space. His patient pictures with often snap-shot like energy combined with the light and colour imparted by the ‘oldness’ of his vintage Polaroid camera are perfect for the ocean lover or your beach side home.

Solo Surfer, Framed in White, $375


Ghost Surfer, Framed in White, $375


Close up of “Behind the Umbrella”, Framed in White, $990