“Bathroom Graffiti” by Mark Ferem

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  • By: Josephine Smith
  • Wednesday 24th December 2014

Latrinalia: A type of deliberately inscribed marking made on latrines: that is, bathrooms or lavatory (restroom) walls. It can take the form of art, drawings, or words, including poetry and personal reflections.

KAB Gallery have recently expanded our range of unique, rare and collectable books. Along with titles on your favourite Australian and international artists, we are proud to present a range of books exploring, documenting and examining street art (AKA graffiti).

One of our new street art titles is “Bathroom Graffiti“, written and edited by US based Art Director and Photojournalist Mark Ferem.

Bathroom Graffiti documents several years’ worth of the wise words and interesting images (Latrinalia) from rest rooms across America. This book is a bit tongue-in-cheek whilst still investigating self expression through graffiti. From men’s bathrooms to women’s bathrooms, politically driven drawings to inspirational quotes this book discovers it all. The author emphasises the importance of graffiti being an art form always in motion and forever keeping up with the times. This book is designed for anyone who enjoys modern culture and art with a different pace.

These photographs are both funny and serious, ranging from witty satirical messages and drawings to deep thought provoking questions all of which are coming from bathroom stall walls. If you think you know everything about art this book will help you redefine the concepts if fine art and how it communicates with its audience. This book is well worth the read!