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5 Lands Walk – Art in the Open

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  • 27/06/2016

The 5 lands walk is an annual event where people of the Central Coast come together to walk the 10km track from Copacabana to Terrigal Beach with the intent to bring people to people and people to place. A popular event for the CEntral Coast with over 12,000 participants 

This day-long festival celebrates the 5 lands of the Darkinjung Country and the spectacle of our coastline. There are many activities, entertainment and every year up to 40 top Australian artists set themselves up along the coastline to paint en plein air. It’s a great opportunity for visitors to see the artists work and have a chat to them about their art. 


Australian artist Kasey Sealy created two oil paintings throughout the day at Terrigal Beach

kasey close up
Working en plein air can be difficult at times. The beaming midday sun, combined with the wind and salt spray created challenges for Kasey at this viewpoint. Nevertheless, the artwork came together with detail.


Kasey Sealey was one of those artists on Terrigal Beach  enjoying the view north to Wamberal. “What attracts me to  the Terrigal landscape and this picture, are the highlights  hitting the rock face and the translucent shadows”. Working with oil paints on board, Kasey completed two detailed artworks on the day. 

Sally West set her easel to face the Terrigal Haven view and with her distinct style of thick applications of oil paints she made three artworks on the day. The changing of light and shadows pushed her to work fast. 

Sally West secured her easel to the pole. The wind was very strong against the canvas.

close up painting board
Dianne Gerlach’s palette shows the colour of the beautiful sunny day at Terrigal


Dianne Gerlach focused on the iconic Terrigal Rockpool. Her work was admired by many passerby’s. 

dianne gerlach
Dianne Gerlach working on her painting at Terrigal

Dianne explains that “…you’ve got to be careful not to overdo it the artwork…”  Dianne enjoyed the full light of the day and welcomed the conversations about her process with onlookers – “There are three things to art, the artwork, the artist and the viewer”.

Did you see our big red friend Matisse? One of Gillie and Marc’s Lost Dog Sculptures went out for a jaunt amongst the 5 Lands walkers. He certainly did enjoy himself meeting lots of furry new friends. 

matisse and friends
Matisse was very popular at the Terrigal SLRC

matisse and the crowds
Gillie & Marc’s Lost Dog Sculpture “Matisse” at Terrigal Beach


To end the day, all the artists came together with their completed paintings to celebrate. Crowne Plaza Terrigal hosted a mini exhibition which welcomed artists to show each other their art, critique, and discuss their plein air experience.

In conversation with Sally West she told me she was “racing against the wind” for most of the morning and there was high tide waters splashing her at one stage. Then with with others telling me they had been finding a lot of sand in their paint gear!! 

cp drinks
The artist Party hosted by crowne Plaza Terrigal


After a full day in the sun and wind painting a well deserved glass of wine was enjoyed by the artists while they viewed the mini exhibition. Then they each voted for their favourite artwork. The Artist’s Choice Award for 2016 went to Willemena Villari, congratulations again!

So there ends another year of the 5 Lands Walk Art in the Open Air but, you can visit the exhibition when it moves to the Crowne Plaza Terrigal in November.  Subscribe to the KAB Gallery newsletter and we will notify you when its open for viewing. All artworks will be available for purchase too (both at the exhibition and online at KABGallery.com.au)