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Weekly Favourite – Exciting New Art by Catherine Hiller

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  • Suzana
  • 20/01/2019

It’s always an exciting time when one of our artists reveals a new piece, but even more so when they have two gorgeous artworks to exhibit. This week we welcome two oil paintings that are sure to take your breath away by French born artist Catherine Hiller.

Catherine works exclusively in oils, typically favouring the best brands such as Gamblin, Schmincke, Artist Spectrum and Sennelier. She loves the richness and luxe of oil paint – “I love the way it glides on linen”. Her abstracts always start with the darker pigments that are then built up with multiple colourful layers. Catherine tells us that her layering process “symbolises the up and downs of life with the overwhelming positivity and resilience that I choose to adopt in my life.” 

Catherine Hiller
Un ete dans le sud – II
Oil on Linen (90x120cm) – AUD $2450

“Un ete dans le sud – II” translates to “A summer in the south” (of France) and it’s about amazing memories of summers Catherine Hiller has spent in the South of France, the citrus trees, the lavender, the sun…

Catherine Hiller
Coeur a Coeur
Oil on Linen (120x150cm) – AUD $3650

Translating to “A heart to heart” the painting titled “Coeur a Coeur” captures the strong vibrant tones that Hiller’s work is famous for while at the same time showing a softness with the baby pinks which bring a perfect balance to the artwork.

Framed in contemporary oak both paintings are available at the gallery and ready to enjoy on your wall!

Suzana, Gallerist
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Suzana draws from her experience as an artist and photographer. Her understanding of natural and created light, combined with appreciation of all art mediums assists the client in selection of the perfect piece for a particular position or any space.

“I seek to assist KAB Gallery clients create collections of art that enhance their space. It is important to match the client’s taste with a collection of works that will enhance their environment.”

Suzana is available at KAB Gallery most weekends and looks forward to helping you find your next great piece of art.