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  • Kerry-Anne Blanket
  • 08/02/2022

KAB Gallery’s artwork commission process is renowned as the best in the industry. We take great pride and care in ensuring the client receives exactly what they want. Over several discussions, visual examples and a clear brief we ensure that we understand exactly what our client wishes to achieve and that the artist fully understands the requirements. Our expert team are there to ensure that both the client and artist are 100% happy with the result.


Here are a few of our recent favourites:

Photorealistic painting by Australian favourite John Earle
This piece involved hours of on-site research documenting the light at certain times of the day from various viewpoints. It was a slow and careful process which spanned many months to perfect the brief and prepare the visual details before the brushes were even brought to the canvas. All the site visits and photography was well worth it as the result is magnificent! A treasure for the collector who had previously enjoyed this view from his Bondi home.

Special Commission of Bondi Beach View from Icebergs
Oil on Canvas 125x175cm by John Earle


“It’s exactly what I was looking for and I’m very grateful as to how it finally turned out. Would you please pass on my thanks to JE…fantastic! Thanks John.  Many thanks to both for bringing this piece to life for us.”


Early Progress of the Bondi Commission


By having myself or the KAB Gallery team working for you as an intermediary, you can be at complete ease knowing we oversee the entire commission process. All feedback is welcome and you can feel confident to speak your mind with a professional team who are creative communication experts.


Abstract by Catherine Hiller
This abstract commission was based on a coastal palette with beautiful personalisation’s added. The palette was customised to suit the clients interior furnishings, with a strong focal point being the light play within the work. A beautiful result was created by Catherine Hiller, delighting the client and certainly lifting their home’s internal space.

The Before Photo – An interior view courtesy of the client


The completed commission in the studio framed prior to delivery


“Thank you Bianca this is very helpful! And the artwork arrived today – it is beautiful!!!  We are so happy. Thanks so much Bianca & Kerry for all your help in helping create our dream artwork for our living space. ”

The commissioned painting in-situ – Courtesy of the client

Realist landscape by Jo Waite
Photographs make great references for artists to create from. In this particular commission a view from Taronga Zoo was brought to life with intricate detail of the landscape and a passing ferry.

An early progress photo of “A View From Taronga Zoo” by Jo Waite


Hi Kerry-Anne, Just letting you know- Jo Waite’s painting has arrived! And how beautiful it is!
Thankyou so much for your assistance with this commission and please let Jo know how thrilled and grateful we are for her work.


In-Situ “A View From Taronga Zoo” by Jo Waite commissioned at KAB Gallery – Photo courtesy of the client



Large-scale beach diptych by Sally West
This special two piece work, known to as a diptych, was commissioned by an international art collector from Spain. The two paintings are 120x120cm each and will be hung side-by-side. The brief revolved around summers at Bondi and will look absolutely stunning in-situ. We are yet to see it hung up as it only arrived to its Spanish new home last week but we are certain it will be amazing.

Created with Sally West’s famously adorned texture, this piece was dried for many months before being crated and shipped to Spain.

Interior photo showing where the two artworks will be positioned – courtesy of the client


The Bondi Diptych complete on the easel in Sally West’s studio


The completed commission on the easel at Sally West’s studio

“Kerry I want to thank you, it was very pleasant to work with you accurately and efficiently!  looking at the pictures there is a desire to visit Australia as soon as possible, which I will undoubtedly do as soon as the pandemic is over!  And now a big hello from snowy Russia, and thank you very much!  I am absolutely satisfied with the result and see you soon ;)”

Sally West “Bondi Diptych” Oil on 2 Canvases 120x120cm each

Reimagining of an older painting by Sally West
Another recently commissioned artwork by Sally West was based on a another painting. The client absolutely loved the piece but it simply would not fit the wall space. The commission process allowed for various changes to personalise the work along with a custom size to suit the collectors wall space. All canvases are custom stretched so KAB Gallery can order the sizes down to the nearest centimetre. This painting even includes their black poodle pet on the pathway.

Molly the poodle – courtesy of the client


Molly And The Manly Ferry
Oil on Canvas 90x120cm
Commission Piece 2021 KAB Gallery


“Hi Kerry,
It looks fabulous! We LOVE it!
Thank you.”

Molly And The Manly Ferry Commission Piece 2021 – Photo courtesy of the client


Molly And The Manly Ferry Commission Piece 2021 – Photo courtesy of the client


Customised still-life interior by Jackie Fewtrell-Gobert
This painting by Jacki Fewtrell-Gobert is the ultimate example of personalisation. Jacki is internationally loved for her interior paintings and this piece was custom size and framed for a built-in niche at the home entrance. It was created with a particular composition in mind along with various colour specifics. The painting was personalised with specific art inclusions, trinkets and ornaments, art sculptures, books and even their adorable pet, Stevie the cat. The result was eclectic, interesting and stylish.

The client’s niche position – photo courtesy of the client


Photo of Stevie the Cat – Courtesy of the Client


Final piece framed and about to be collected from KAB Gallery Terrigal


“I picked up our artwork on Wednesday and it’s stunning.  It was hung it as soon as I got home and it looks
perfect in the niche. T
hank you for making the whole commission process easy, I am thrilled with the results.”

Interior for Bronwyn by Jacki Fewtrell-Gobert



The majority of KAB Gallery artists are accepting commissions right now. If you have an idea but are unsure of the best artist to create the finished work you need, speak with us so we can show you examples of previous works and help with ideas and advice. As you can see, if you desire we can also help personalise the works in subtle ways. Sometimes it is the smallest inclusions of colour, particular viewpoints or subject enhancements that can really personalise a piece.

If you would like to have something created for you, please contact myself or the team at the gallery. Call 1300 78 7773 or email [email protected] with your ideas! We look forward to bringing something amazing for you to life soon!

Kerry-Anne Blanket, Director & Curator - KAB Gallery
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Kerry-Anne Blanket

Director & Curator - KAB Gallery

KAB Gallery’s Kerry-Anne Blanket holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts and two Masters degrees (Hons) from the University of Sydney. With an extensive career in art education along with the management of museums and investment art galleries, Kerry-Anne can offer premier art consulting to her clients and source specially requested works. 

She has a keen eye for detail, comprehensive art market knowledge and a love of all things beautiful. Kerry-Anne works directly with artists and collectors alike to curate interesting and eclectic exhibitions.