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The Power of Water: Art Series at KAB Gallery

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  • Kerry-Anne Blanket
  • 07/09/2022

Water is a majestic element which has captured the attention of many artists throughout history. It has been utilised as a symbol for purity, tranquillity, power and mortality, speaking to artists and art collector’s alike.

KAB Gallery artist Cathryn McEwen is a professional artist originally from Canada, now living and working from her Australian studio on the East Coast of NSW. Her intricately painted artworks celebrate the mesmerising visual qualities of water, evoking the shallows of coastal shorelines by breaking down elements of landscape to focus on colour, shape and light. Cathryn enjoys painting the organic nature of the coastal water reflections and light play.

All That Glitters I
Cathryn McEwen
Available – KAB Gallery Terrigal

On a recent visit to her coastal studio I was utterly captivated by the series. Each water-focused artwork was uniquely engaging and beautiful. The detail was incredible, but even better was hearing Cathryn speak about her love for the subject which made them really enjoyable to paint. When viewing these artworks in person you can look closely to see the brush strokes and gain a sense of how she has enjoyed working on the light patterns. The colours are magnificent and have been painted perfectly in such an organic natural way. I found it challenging to decide which painting I was most intrigued by.

In the studio with KAB Gallery Artist, Cathryn McEwen

Her watchful attention to the details of colour, light and the movement she sees when studying the shallow waters edge is represented in a realistic style. The result is contemporary and unique.

Studio Detail

Her most popular series featuring the water subject are available at KAB Gallery Terrigal and KAB Gallery Sydney now. Cathryn’s water series is incredibly popular within the primary art market, and celebrated internationally by both private art collectors and commercial interior designers/decorators.

Beautiful colours and light

Catherine relates her art process and style to the quote “The longer you look at an object, the more abstract it becomes, and ironically, the more real.” ​Lucien Freud

Cathryn McEwen
Waters Edge – Triptych
Oil on Canvas 45.5×136.5cm
Cathryn McEwen
Liquid Meditation
Oil on Canvas 48x64cm


Kerry-Anne Blanket, Director & Curator - KAB Gallery
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Kerry-Anne Blanket

Director & Curator - KAB Gallery

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