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The Opulence of Eden Delights: Solo exhibition by Catherine Hiller

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  • Bianca Luciano
  • 25/01/2022

Kicking off the new year, KAB Gallery Sydney welcomes an exciting solo exhibition of mesmerising works by Melbourne based artist Catherine Hiller. The collection will offer an escape into rich colour stories and dynamic compositions, with 16 paintings on show. The exhibition, entitled “Délices d’Eden” (translating from French as “Eden Delights”), will open on Friday 25th February 2022. Each work is hand-chosen by KAB Gallery Director Kerry-Anne Blanket, with each piece displaying Catherine Hiller’s gestural luxe use of pigmented oils on linen, the compositions bursting with energy and nuanced tone. The inspiration for the collection derived from Catherine’s journeys into the natural landscape, which she saw as an escape from the collective gloom of seemingly never-ending COVID-19 lockdowns over the past two years. For Catherine these moments of escape were idyllic and blissful. She paid special attention to the rich details of beautiful overgrown gardens, and the native wildflowers and fauna. Each painting encapsulates an element of our natural world, narrowing our senses to every tiny detail of our environmental surroundings which are now enhanced from so much time indoors. The sheer action and cathartic forces of our external landscape are heavily explored within all of her works, as she pays tribute within each composition to the delights of her personal paradise.


The power of Hiller’s observational eye has fuelled this series of work. An apt example is one of the paintings featured in the exhibition, entitled “Ladybird.” The way in which she evokes and pays homage to the tones and colours of even the smallest insect, translating so much of its energy and vibrancy onto the canvas in her signature style is not only eye-catching but will inevitably inject this feeling into our homes or any interior space in which it hangs. The lush ruby background envelops the heavily layered foreground of blushed copper tones that hang, floating weightless within the overall plane. The hand of the artist can be seen within each stroke, as the magenta and white tones playfully mingle and overlap.  The vertical orientation allows the eye to explore the piece up and down, uncovering new elements upon each viewing.

Catherine Hiller


Oil on Linen 150x120cm


Another work featured in the exhibition is titled “Inflorescence,” a stunning piece that gallery director Kerry-Anne Blanket analyses as follows: “The deep rich emerald and midnight blue of the background give life to the fluttering of mint, teal and white combined with flecks of blush and amber. The stunning depth within her paintings is achieved through thoughtful layering.” Hiller says her abstract paintings begin “…with the dark, then come all the colourful layers. To me this symbolizes the up and downs of life with the positivity and resilience that I choose to adopt in my life.” The piece is encased in an oak box frame with black finish, perfectly chosen to compliment the shadowy elements within the painting, including the navy strokes that flutter throughout. Overall the work is rich, nuanced and sophisticated, ready to hang and enhance any space with its contemporary flair.

Catherine Hiller


Oil on Linen 90x90cm


There is a real reverence for even the smallest usually unnoticed detail within this exhibition. A tribute is made to celestial waters, blooming flowers and natural treasures that evoke so much emotion in us as we pass through and observe, each of her sensual brush strokes telling the stories of these elements as one explores the work. Each frenzied burst of colour displays a volatility of emotion in endlessly clever and ceaselessly unique palettes. Every visual, emotional and auditory cue of nature is intuitively conveyed by Catherine in her usual way – the physicality of the process being an important factor for her personally, but also in the subsequent character of each work. Feeling the urge to paint in a more expressionist way using strong coloured brush strokes and movement lead Catherine to the development of her well-loved abstract style. Her works are honest and raw portrayals of her inner-most thoughts and emotions, expressed through the universal language of colour.

An exciting start to the year, we look forward to welcoming you to this long-awaited event. With such a high demand for her gorgeous work this exhibition will be an absolute must-see. Keep an eye out on our KAB Gallery social media, website (KABGallery.com) and of course be sure to register directly to one of gallery spaces to RSVP for the opening event. (1300 78 7773)


Opening Date: Friday 25th February 2022
6-8pm Opening Event with the Artist (RSVP essential for COVID-safe planning)

Register directly to the gallery
Ph: 1300 78 7773
Email: [email protected]
Visit: KABGallery.com
Location: KAB Gallery Sydney, 977 Pacific Highway Pymble