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The Beauty of Rural Australia: Penny Oates’ “Out Yonda” Art Exhibition at KAB Gallery Sydney

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  • Kerry-Anne Blanket
  • 04/04/2024

The art practice of contemporary KAB Gallery artist Penny Oates is deeply rooted in her exploration of the Australian landscape – Out yonder. She creates beautiful representations of vast open spaces with a unique style and method that is popular and internationally coveted. Her art has a special appeal connecting audiences located in bustling cities with imagery from the remote Australian outback.

I am excited to announce the upcoming exhibition of Penny Oates’ latest body of work, “Out Yonda,” at my KAB Gallery Sydney. This exhibition is scheduled for May and promises to impress! I’ve been working closely with Penny to curate an exhibition guaranteeing viewers a new sense of connection to the Australian landscape.



How does she do it?

Penny Oates is an artist with verve! She has taken a rugged trip to experience the landscape in all its glory. This first-hand experience isn’t just about observing and sourcing visual reference – she is feeling, hearing, smelling, and becoming whole-heartedly immersed within the locations she represents through her artmaking. Her work goes beyond the earthy reds of the desert or lush greens of the valleys, celebrating the views on a much deeper level. Her artwork is a testament to the diverse and awe-inspiring landscapes she encounters during her travels.

“Out Yonda” is a collection which celebrates the untamed beauty and rich tapestry of the Australian outback, inviting you to experience the essence of rural Australia through Penny’s eyes.



Method and Techniques – let’s go behind the scenes!

What also sets Oates’ artwork apart is her innovative use of mediums and techniques. Over the course of five years she has honed her practice, experimenting with unorthodox materials to create pieces that are both visually striking and emotionally resonant. She prefers to work on MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) for its smooth surface and structural integrity, allowing her to etch intricate details with precision.

An unusual process is followed, with quality and perfection prioritised at every step. The process involves starting with several layers of prep work to seal the surface. Then using oil-based white paint combined with layers of aerosol-applied pigments and alcohol inks, contrasting tones and colours form the base of her pieces. She then adds highlights and detailing using quality acrylic paint, followed by the meticulous use of a soldering iron to etch texture and depth. Each artwork undergoes a careful sealing process using lacquer, ensuring longevity and durability.

Oates’ artistic philosophy emphasises the importance of self-critique and continuous refinement. She sees herself as more of a mark-maker than a painter. Her life as an artist began at an early age and she holds fond memories from childhood expeditions with her father to observe and draw in the bush. Her use of the soldering iron as a drawing tool adds a unique and fascinating dimension to her artwork.


Mark making is made by a soldering iron directly onto the panel. Texture comes to life with final layers of lacquer.


Ready to see it for yourself?

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the “Out Yonda” exhibition at KAB Gallery Sydney this May. Register your interest now to access this exquisite body of work. Unlike most of our exhibitions, this exhibition will not be featured online. If you cannot make it in person and would like to request an emailed catalogue to view remotely, please contact us directly. We look forward to celebrating the beauty of rural Australia with you at KAB Gallery Sydney.

Register your interest here and be a part of this extraordinary artistic experience.


Exhibition Installation
KAB Gallery Sydney
977 Pacific Hwy, Pymble NSW
Kerry-Anne Blanket, Director & Curator - KAB Gallery
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