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Escape to Italy – and feel it too!

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  • Immy Mason
  • 02/05/2023

Jacki Fewtrell-Gobert, perhaps in the most special way, grants us the gift of teleportation. She is one of those artists that can transport you across the world in a simple swish of her brush.

Her new painting, ‘Late Lunch Near the Pantheon,’ now showing at KAB Gallery Sydney, is one such example. When we look at her work, an undeniable wave of transcendence hits us. While we might be donning a jumper, slipping on a pair of cosy socks, and closing our windows to shut off that ever increasing, pesky Autumn wind, we somehow find ourselves sunning near that famous Roman portico.

Late Lunch Near the Pantheon

A photo of The Pantheon, Rome
It is one of the best-preserved of all Ancient Roman buildings

Her expressiveness and use of colour really do make us feel the European air, and as such, when you look at this work hanging on your wall, you’ll feel like you’re a world-wide traveller from the comfort of your own home.

Think of that feeling you get when you bite into a freshly-pulled-from-the-oven, perfectly warm flaky pastry, the sweet and the salty and the oh so buttery taste dancing across your palate. It is that same feeling you get when you experience one of Fewtrell-Gobert’s work: pure delight. Giving just enough detail within the work, ‘Late Lunch Near the Pantheon’ gives us, the audience, a role in appreciating her work – we need to use our imagination. Fewtrell-Gobert affords us the luxury of imagining what it would be like to sit in the Piazza della Rotonda and adore the Pantheon. Because of this, a relationship between us, the painting and Fewtrell-Gobert emerges. We’re all somehow interconnected and understanding of each other. Art has always had the power to connect with us in ways we don’t exactly understand, and Jacki’s work is no exception.

Find ‘Late Lunch Near the Pantheon’ at KAB Gallery Sydney and delve into a realm of Italian excellence and appreciation today.

Late Lunch Near the Pantheon
Hanging in the window at KAB Gallery Sydney
977 Pacific Hwy, Pymble NSW 2073
Immy Mason, Gallerist
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