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DIY Snow – A Behind the Scenes Look at our Flat-lay Product Photography

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  • Suzana
  • 25/05/2020


It’s always an exciting time when it comes to planning the product photography of our new arrivals to the gallery. The beautiful Sally West paintings are always fun to photograph. The texture of the paint, soft colours and professional presentation make for a gorgeous subject, and are always a great inspiration to me for the flat-lay product photography that ensues!

When the new “Snow Series” arrived, we knew we had to present these works in an inspiring way. I especially wanted to translate the mood and impasto texture of these works to collectors who aren’t able to experience them in person before purchasing.

Most of the time inspiration for the product photography can be drawn from the art itself. Whether that includes floral items, books, shells or lighting techniques – but this one was unique, how do you translate the mood and feeling of snow?

After some brainstorming and research, I remembered and drew on my background as Child Care Educator, a DIY technique we used for sensory play for little ones – creating fake snow.

Mixing just two ingredients together brought out the perfect accompaniment to the Snow Series. 

I love to work with natural lighting where possible, and am lucky to get the most beautiful afternoon light spill into the studio every afternoon. This particular set up was done on a white roll of paper, on the ground with the camera from above. The light is coming from the side to bring the depth out of those gorgeous Sally West impasto textures. I carefully arranged the snow around the artwork so as to not touch the art itself, and it was so much fun playing around with the different angles and combinations. 

Below I’ve attached a step-by-step process on how to create this snow, whether you’d like to try it for your own flat-lays, or as a fun activity with the kids!

Suzana is the Manager of KAB Gallery and the amazing photographer behind her own successful business Mala Moon Photography. Mala Moon Photography specialises in newborn, child and family photo-shoots on the Central Coast. Suzana also holds a passion for product photography and helping translate tangible products to the online world through image.



Inspiration for some more child friendly snow here: https://www.makelifelovely.com/diy-snow-tutorial/

Suzana, Gallerist
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Suzana draws from her experience as an artist and photographer. Her understanding of natural and created light, combined with appreciation of all art mediums assists the client in selection of the perfect piece for a particular position or any space.

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