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Wedding Gift Registry – cherish original art for the rest of your life together

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  • Suzana
  • 27/02/2020

In the lead up to a wedding, one of the things sometimes overlooked these days is setting-up a good gift registry. Somewhere loved ones can present the happy couple with something to honour the big moment in their lives. With many couples already living together, gifting appliances, cutlery and furniture has become a bit of a dying tradition. And while monetary contributions are amazing, there is something about receiving a personalized and special gift that will never go out of style. Art for the home is something that a lot of new couples may not be able to afford right away. They may not have anything in their newly-wed home that celebrates both of their tastes, and asking for Original Art as a wedding gift has never crossed their minds.

Whether you want a single piece or a full house of art, KAB Gallery has helped many couples to create a gift registry they can supply to family, friends, colleagues or guests. The gallery team will work with you to structure the gift registry so that it suits your requirements perfectly, allowing you and your partner to receive the gift of art you will cherish for the rest of your life together.



How to set up a gift registry with KAB Gallery?

1. Select your favourite artworks online at KABGallery.com or in the gallery with the friendly KAB Gallery Consultants. Otherwise if you prefer you could elect to simply chose your artwork after your wedding once you know the total size of your gift. 

2. The gallery will then provide you with a personalised link to your own private Gift Registry page via KABGallery.com for you to include in your invitations or distribute to your guests.

3. Your page will include the details and a picture of each work you have selected to include on your registry. Your guests easily follow the step-by-step instructions and process a card payment (will work on any hand-help device too) from anywhere in the world. Your guests could otherwise prefer to visit the gallery to make an in-store payment, or call for over the phone contribution. You can even be notified by email whenever your guests make a contribution if you like!

4. After your Wedding KAB Gallery will wrap your new gifts and help arrange shipping or pickup

The registry service is available to anyone in the world and easy worldwide delivery is available for all KAB Gallery artworks.

All couples will receive a $100 registry credit when you create a gift registry at KAB Gallery to celebrate this milestone in your lives –  a gift from us to you.

For anyone considering this amazing service contact our team to discuss your Gift Registry and get started, please contact the KAB Gallery team today on 1300 78 7773 or [email protected].

Suzana, Gallerist
About the author



Suzana draws from her experience as an artist and photographer. Her understanding of natural and created light, combined with appreciation of all art mediums assists the client in selection of the perfect piece for a particular position or any space.

“I seek to assist KAB Gallery clients create collections of art that enhance their space. It is important to match the client’s taste with a collection of works that will enhance their environment.”

Suzana is available at KAB Gallery most weekends and looks forward to helping you find your next great piece of art.