Over a decade of Art: Est. 2013
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Aurora Paulina Kay

The Flow of Life

AUD $4,850

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MEDIUM: Oil on Linen
SIZE: 79x103cm view in inches 31x41inches view in cm

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Painted en plein air in Middle Harbour, Spit Bridge. The painting captures two different types of life-flow, the calm and serene, as opposed to the fast-paced and urbanized. Aurora Paulina Kay’s paintings are full of detail, and bursting with joy. Her distinct painting style is characterised by intricately applied layers of various colour combinations. When looking at her art, viewers will discover a wide array of unexpected colours such as purples and crimsons woven into the grass, and greens subtly infused into the sky. Stepping back from the piece observers will witness how these colours work in harmony to balance the compositions. She has a specially talented way of enhancing the energy of the beautiful Sydney vistas that she paints.  

“I absolutely enjoy painting ocean scenes, riverways, lakes, ponds, practically anything that has water in it. Reflections and ripples on the surface of the water create an intricate colour and light pattern which entrances and fascinates me. Seashore is where I spend most of my work time. I spend hours just watching the colours of the ocean change at different times of the day and in different seasons.”

Learn more about how this painting was created HERE

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