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Steve Tyerman

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MEDIUM: Oil on Canvas
SIZE: 30x60cm view in inches 12x24inches view in cm

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Original oil painting by Steve Tyerman. Framed in oak.

My art is an attempt to create a total synthesis of my visual sensations and lived experiences, they are emotional responses to these places tempered and informed by my keen interest in gardening, wildlife, literature and the natural world.

While my paintings are predominantly landscapes and seascapes, my main interest in paint is to get closer to the way I actually see and experience the world around me.

We have become so used to seeing everything through digital images, they are so prolific and prevalent that they inform our ideas of what reality is. Except they are the furthest thing from reality, we don’t see the world as a cropped snapshot from a single point perspective. For starters we have two eyes which create two perspective points combined, but we also move through the world, we look up and down, adjust focus for near and far, perceive movement both fast and slow, use peripheral vision etc. And this complex multifaceted visual system is just a part of the whole story, the brain combines all our other senses along with our memories, expectations, fears, preferences, preconceived ideas and other thought processes to create every lived moment. This is how we actually see and experience the world and I would like my paintings to get closer to this type of reality.

To try to achieve this I incorporate multiple viewpoints and angles of sight, varying scales of the grand and the minute juxtaposed, combining several connected elements of a place in a single image. I’m also interested in the way nature works so I incorporate the passage of time through the landscape, changing light conditions, the journey of water, the flora and fauna that are so crucial to the environment, the life cycle of plants, our human presence, symbiotic relationships and the connectedness of all these elements in a beautiful and complex ecosystem.

Steve Tyerman, 2020″

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