Sergio Sill

Sergio was born in Pola, Italy, in 1946 and migrated to Australia with his family in 1951. Since childhood he was always working with his hands – carving, drawing and painting. As a teenager, he fell in love with the rugged Victorian coastline, inspired by the wild winds and unpredictable seas.

He was captivated by the freedom and energy nature exuded. His artistic passion continued to evolve taking him from the potter-wheel to the easel. His passion for the sea directed his move in 1997 to Sydney’s Central Coast where he had a studio and gallery for almost twenty years before relocating to Sydney, where he now works. Sergio’s creations stem from the transient moods nature exhibits. He finds nature an endless source of inspiration. His work celebrates these wonders. His creations explore exotic lands where the eye, heart and soul can find tranquility, joy and beauty. His work is lyrical, gestural and full of life. Involving a mixed medium approach, Sergio’s paintings expand across works on canvas, board and paper using oil, acrylic, gouache and pastels.

  • Sergio Sill

    Waterhole, Queen’s Head

    AUD $3,800
  • Sergio Sill

    Purple Autumn

    AUD $2,400
  • Sergio Sill

    Queen’s Head Pt Plomer

    AUD $2,600
  • Sergio Sill

    Waterhole I

    AUD $750
    or 4 payments of $187.50 with